Monday update 2: BBQ map, Obama meetup (KEG!), $1.50 Newcastle, Rocky Horror

Cool thing I was e-mailed this morning: The Memphis Barbecue Map. It’s a Google map with locations of BBQ restaurants pinpointed. Now that’s a handy map to have.

There’s going to be an Obama meetup this coming Sunday, July 20 in Midtown. Let me start right off with the most important detail of this event: THERE WILL BE A KEG. It will be at 4 PM at the home of Adam and Amy Hill, at 440 Garland in the Evergreen Historic District. They will have a PA set up and are trying to confirm that Rep. Steve Cohen will attend. Free beer… what a great reason to attend a political rally!  Here’s a link to the event, called Midtown Memphis for Change, where you can RSVP.

I forgot to mention that when I stopped by the Red Rooster last night, the bartender asked me what I wanted, and I looked at the taps and said, “Ummm I don’t know, I guess just a Miller Lite.”

“Are you sure?” he asked. “We have $1.50 Newcastle tonight.” Hmmm, really? If the Rooster is going to do buck-fifty beer, it may become a regular stop on my Sunday night agenda (and probably other people’s as well, once word gets out). It was a little slow yesterday but I have the feeling that will change once people hear about $1.50 Newcastle at the Rooster. Could become a good spot for locals to hang out on Sunday evenings.

Worst title for a computer programming language ever: “Ruby on Rails.” What were people thinking when they came up with that name? It sounds like a really bad bondage porno movie that you could rent at one of the adult video stores on Getwell.

Got a note from The Orpheum that Rocky Horror Picture Show has been added to their Summer Movie Series.  It will be shown on Friday, September 19 with tickets available for purchase two hours before the start of the show.

If you’re trying to figure out what to do tonight, I’ve got two words for ya:  PINT NITE.  Dat is all da people need to know.  $2.75 for your choice of about 70 different pints of beer.  I’ll be at the Saucer shortly after I get off work at 5 PM.  My 14-beer Pint Nite personal record still stands, but maybe tonight will be the night.