Silly Goose news, no more trivia at Jillian’s, new College Logo Shopping store

(Edit January 9:  Hey, I never hit the Publish button on yesterday’s post.  Here you go.  This was typed about 5 PM yesterday, Thur Jan 8.)

I had a request from a West Virginia native to do a store for the state university on College Logo Shopping, so here you go:  West Virginia Mountaineers store

I just got a tour of The Silly Goose, the new bar that will open in the old Swig location.  They’ve done a great job with the place, and are putting the final touches on and waiting for their liquor license to be approved.  If I had to describe the place, in one word, I’d say “comfortable.”  They have completely de-Swig-ified it.  It’s not pretentious in the least.  They have warm, inviting wood trim and lighting that adds ambience, and they have a comfortable couch section that feels like a living room.  They have “the library” where the old sushi bar was – you can grab a book and read, or you can use one of their two computers to surf the Internet (they also have Wi-Fi if you want to bring your own laptop).  They’ve installed 10 beer taps and will carry 30 exotic beers in bottles.  This place is going to be great.  Can’t wait for it to open.

Wow, another locals’ bar.  With the Silly Goose, Bardog Tavern, and the Voodoo Room all in the Downtown core – and of, course, the old standby, the Saucer – there’s going to be plenty to do in 2009.  Then there’s Calhoun’s about half a mile to the south, with Buzztime Trivia due to arrive in a few weeks.

Jillian’s has discontinued their Thursday trivia night.  Not sure what their new plan for Thursdays will be.  I sure hope they don’t bring back Girls’ Night Out at Atlas, or as I called it, Poser Night at Club Lame.  Last year Thursdays at Atlas were the biggest collection of douchebags and douchebaguettes anywhere other than Vegas or Jersey.

This Friday and Saturday is Monster Jam, the monster truck show at the FedExForum.  That will draw an interesting crowd Downtown, I’m sure.  I bet Kooky Canuck bartender Meghan goes to Monster Jam.  She seems like the kind of person who would.  As I walked home from my tour of the Silly Goose, I saw Meghan’s car parked (illegally) on Second.  She has an Ole Miss license plate frame.  Ole Miss… geez… as if I needed one more reason to hate Meghan.