Court House Deli gets some well-deserved recognition in the CA

Weekday lunch spot the Court House Deli got its Cajun chili mentioned in the Commercial Appeal in Jennifer Biggs’ “Best Finds” column.  Glad to see the place getting some recognition – it’s an inexpensive little lunch spot that is one of Downtown’s gems.

When you order their chili, you’ll be asked if you want it “with everything” – that includes shredded cheese, onions, and jalapenos.  You can pick and choose from those toppings or get it plain.  Their other Cajun offerings are fantastic too – I’m most fond of their crawfish etoufee, and their jambalaya is tasty and spicy.  They also have gumbo and red beans and rice.

They have good sandwiches too, and also burgers and salads.  I’m quite fond of their mushroom swiss burger.  They pre-cook the patties in advance, so during the lunch rush you don’t have to wait a long time for your burger to come off the grill.  You can have a hot, juicy burger ready within about 2 minutes of the time you get to the register.  Their shrimp salad croissant is another one I order from time to time.  Nothing costs a lot of money there – you have to really be hungry to run a tab north of $6 at Court House.

It’s open only on weekdays, during lunch hours (sorry, I know that doesn’t do you much good on a Saturday).  It’s on Main between Madison and Monroe.

By the way, apologies to Ms. Biggs for saying that she got Orleans on Front’s bar hours wrong in her column – she got those from the restaurant’s website, which lists the same hours.