Saturday update

I ordered a clear license plate cover yesterday. If you park in a garage Downtown, it might be a good idea to get one of these.  The bums have been going into the garages late at night and scraping the “09” and “10” stickers off license plates.  If you have your plate covered, then it’s more trouble than it’s worth and they’ll move on to another car.

There’s a zydeco festival on Beale Street tonight.  This is an annual event and it always makes for some very interesting people-watching.  Would be a good night to hit Beale if you’re looking for something to do.

I also see that there’s an artists’ market with music today at the Burkle Estate at 826 N. Second.  That’s the house that used to be a station on the Underground Railroad.  It’s now been converted to a museum and there are Saturday tours.

Slow news day, so, short post.  Gonna get an hour of online poker in, then head to the bar to watch the noon Memphis vs. Southern Miss game.  Go Tigers!