Wed update: Cigar store, clothing sale, pork contest, and more

Correction to the last post: I think my Twitter handle is @firesale, not @whatsthefiresale. Shows how much interest I have in Twitter, that I don’t even know my own username. Anyway, you can follow me there if you want to keep up with what beer is on $2.75 Fire Sale at the Saucer.

Yesterday the Memphis Business Journal reported that a new business will open at 6 S. Main – a cigar store. That’s right between Winfield’s clothing/shoe store and my building, Number 10 Main. Hmmm we already have a cigar store that’s an institution Downtown – the Tobacco Bowl – and it’s a block and a half away. I wonder if both will be successful given the close proximity. I’d like to see them both succeed but the Tobacco Bowl has been a fixture Downtown for many years, and if I smoked I’d likely continue to shop there. The Tobacco Bowl also has a coffee bar and free Wi-Fi.

The Commercial Appeal reports that Crye-Leike is opening a new full-service real estate office at 8 S. Third, and is inheriting several brokers and condo projects from Henry Turley Co.

Also in the CA today, a museum focusing on the work of photographer Ernest Withers is planned for 333 Beale.

Shelton Clothiers is doing a 20% off the entire store sale for the month of May. They sell suits, casual wear, and other fine men’s clothing and accessories and are located on the Main Street Mall just north of Peabody Place.

There will be a contest to find Memphis’ #1 pork fan at BBQ Fest from 3 to 5 PM Friday, May 15 and Saturday, May 16. The “Pork: The Other White Meat” Tour invites you to show your passion about pork, whether you do a rap, a jingle, a song, or whatever suits you. For every entry the tour will donate 10 pounds of pork to a local Memphis food bank, so you’re helping others by participating. The winner will receive a $500 gift card to Sam’s Club. You can also sample pork loin, take home recipes, and enter to win an oil-less fryer and other prizes. For more info go to

In other BBQ Fest news, if you’re on a team, Memphis in May has canceled Saturday load-in because the park is too muddy.  Teams will have to get it all done Sunday.

Quick recap of last night: On my way out to the bar, I ran into the Filipina girl who had a problem with my “I LOVE ROMANIAN GIRLS” shirt last week. Ended up having a couple of beers with her at the Saucer window. She left to go meet up with her parents, and I moved inside for the first half of trivia, then walked over to the Silly Goose to observe their burrito eating contest.

When I saw the burritos I was real glad I had refused to enter. I was expecting homemade burritos made with the same meat they put in their $2 Tuesday tacos; but, no, the burritos were the 48-cent frozen bean and cheese Jose Ole variety that you buy at the convenience store. GROSS! I’d recommend keeping a 10-foot distance today from anyone who was in the contest last night. The winners were 1) the guy from Club 152 whose name I forgot; 2) Paula Raiford; and 3) “The” Sam from the Red Rooster. All the skinny people won. The 152 guy put down five and a half burritos in 5 minutes. I still think the Nuh-Uh Girl could have taken him. After the contest there were leftover burritos on the table and she picked one up and ate it.

Then I went to Huey’s with my friend Nick. “My personal trainer is going to make me pay for this,” he said as a munched a Texas Toast burger. He told me that she tries to work her clients so hard that they puke, especially when they’ve been bad the day before and eaten forbidden food. Wow this personal trainer thing sounds like a really bad idea.

I’m having a Double with cheese from Wendy’s as I type this.  No personal trainer to get mad at me.