Flying Saucer birthday – 12 Fire Sales today

(Updated 12:38 PM:  I just got a call from someone who’s at the Saucer.  ALL TWELVE are on Fire Sale as of now, but… every hour they take one away.  So there will be 11 beers on Fire Sale at 1 PM, 10 at 2 PM, and so on.  No idea which beer will be taken away each hour.)

Today is the Downtown Flying Saucer’s 12th birthday, and the Saucer is celebrating the occasion by putting 12 beers on Fire Sale.  Counting down from noon to midnight, they’ll have a different beer on Fire Sale each hour for $2.75.  Here are the 12 beers:

  • Anchor Steam
  • Anchor Liberty
  • Yazoo Pale Ale
  • Yazoo Dos Perros
  • Woodchuck Amber Cider
  • Woodchuck Pear Cider
  • New Belgium Mighty Arrow
  • New Belgium Fat Tire
  • Spaten Oktoberfest
  • Spaten Franzkiskaner
  • Murphy’s Stout
  • Murphy’s Amber

If you need to knock some beers off your quest for the 200-beer Ring of Honor, today’s a good day to do it for cheap.  They’ll also have the $2 Mystery Beer tub, and FreeWorld plays tonight at 9:30.

Don’t know how I’m going to tweet this to my @firesale Twitter account – no way all those beers will fit in 140 characters.  Guess I’ll just say “12 beers on Fire Sale” and refer them here.

Lots of birthdays today… looks like I’ll be going to a birthday party tonight at Bluefin… although I wonder what kind of condition I’ll be in after a day of drinking Fire Sales and mystery beers.

Also happy birthday to my friend Nicole, who will probably get mad at me for picking the Saucer’s birthday party over hers, but I can walk to the Saucer.

Whew… I need to download 2 weeks worth of pics off the camera and do a “random pics” post… look for it later today unless I get distracted.