Lunchtime update

I know quite a few people only check my blog from work, so I want to mention a couple of items I posted this weekend that you might have missed:

First of all, I have my own personal Twitter account now, @paulryburn.  Feel free to follow me.  I’ll warn you though, it will not be “Blog II.”  Rather, it will be a typical personal Twitter account, a way for my friends to keep up with what I’m doing and where I am.  In most cases I’ll save the juicy info for the blog.

Secondly, I’m looking for ideas for new fashion niches to build new web storefronts, to complement the highly successful Tube Top Boutique.  If you have any ideas for new niches I’d love to hear them.

I reorganized the info on my left sidebar so it’s easier to find my e-mail address (it’s right under my picture) and find me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  I removed the MySpace link because I’m pretty much finished with MySpace.

And now for new stuff:

Mpact Memphis is organizing a couple of outings this week.  One is at this Thursday’s Peabody rooftop party, and if you’re an Mpact member or you join that night, you can get in free.  You can also register for a drawing to win Peabody gift certificates and rooftop VIP passes.  Dr. Zarr’s Amazing Funk Monster will be cranking out the disco and ’80s tunes this week, so it’s a good week to go.

Then there’s an outing to the Redbirds game on Saturday.  It starts at 6:05 and as a member you get discounted ticket prices of $10 adult and $7 child (regular prices would be $20/10 for these seats).  Ticket also includes dinner and the post-game fireworks display.  Pretty good deal.  Check out all the cool stuff Mpact is doing here.

Don’t forget that Kooky Canuck has their 34 oz. mixed drinks, regularly $9.99, on sale for $5 all day today and every Tuesday.

Pete the Trivia Guy will be calling the action tonight at the Saucer… free to play, begins at 7, chance to win $50, $25, or $10 gift certificates.