Details on the Flying Saucer’s improved UFO Club

Last night I went to the Flying Saucer to hear the details of their new, improved UFO Club program. For those of you not familiar with it, for $18 you can join the UFO Club. You get a Beer Knurd T-shirt and a card with magnetic stripe. You scan the card in their computer to get credit for the beers you drink. You also get a free pint on your birthday, and you don’t have to pay cover when you show your card at the door.

You still have to drink 200 beers to get a plate on the wall. Rewards on the way to 200:
50 beers – still a free pint
100 beers – still a free biggie beer
150 beers – this has changed. Now you have your choice of a hat, T-shirt, or Frisbee.

I like the 150 change. Before, it was always a hat. Having been through 3 times, I already have 3 hats and don’t need more. On the other hand, I’m always happy to get another T-shirt.

Here are the increased rewards for getting multiple plates:

2nd: Still a $100 plate party
3rd: $100 plate party plus “3PEAT” T-shirt
4th: $125 plate party
5th: $125 plate party, “5IVER” T-shirt, and their new, black “M.O.U.” card. It stands for Master of the Universe. Not sure if the card itself has any benefits other than looking really cool.

6th: $150 plate party
7th: $150 plate party
8th: $150 plate party, plus a custom Flying Saucer German stein which they tell me is worth about $125

9th: $175 plate party
10th: Airfare and tickets for 2 to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. You still have to pay for hotel and ground transportation.

The 3peat shirt, 5iver shirt and MOU card, and the stein are rewarded retroactively, so talk to a manager if you’ve already hit those milestones. If you’re over 10 plates, you have to finish the next one before you’re awarded the Denver trip.

Having 3 plates, I got my “3PEAT” shirt last night. I imagine the improved rewards will motivate me to get my 4th plate done a little more quickly. Barring the unthinkable(*), I’ll probably get my Denver trip somewhere around 2016.

Examples of “the unthinkable”: Turbo Dog made the permanent Fire Sale, dress code revised so that the waitresses have to wear ankle-length skirts