Christine by Shelton Clothiers grand opening pics

Last night I strolled over to Christine by Shelton Clothiers for their grand opening celebration.  I felt a little self-conscious about going to an opening of a women’s clothing store, but it turned out to be a great party, with lots of Downtowners coming out to congratulate our friend Christine.  I pulled out the camera, but experienced problems almost immediately – it gave me the “memory card full” error after only two pics.  So I had to rely on my backup camera, which is my iPhone.

A view of the store from the entrance

The front counter

Next-door neighbor Circa put out quite a buffet.  Too bad the Nuh-Uh Girl was out of town.

That’s Christine on the right.  Where’s the tube top section, Christine?

Christine’s husband Tom Shelton, on the right, entertaining guests.

Outside the store, a band played.

I don’t know much about women’s clothing, so it’s hard for me to give much of a review of the store.  I will say this:  I imagine it’s going to be a lot like Shelton Clothiers down the street, in that it will emphasize personal service.  If you need help picking out the perfect outfit, I’d bet Christine and her staff would be great people to turn to for advice.

Thanks to Christine for a great party, and I hope the store will be a key part of Downtown shopping for years to come.

All right.  This iPhone is not going to be sufficient for 4-5 days until the new camera arrives.  I have the 2005-07 camera on the charger.  It’ll be with me this week.  I hope I remember how to use it.

Just ordered a new camera

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH20 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 8x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Black)

I’ve been having problems with my current camera this past week.  It’s giving me a “memory card full” error after only about 50-75 pics.  Given that this is Tube Top Month and I need the ability to take lots of pics at any time, that is completely unacceptable.  So I ordered the camera pictured above, recommended by a friend who has the same model.  I’ll lose a little bit of optical zoom (8x, as opposed to 10x on the camera I have now), but it’s slimmer and won’t be so horribly bulky in the pocket it has to share with an iPhone.

It should be here by next weekend.  In the meantime I’ll do the best I can with my current camera’s limited firepower.

Good news for the Nuh-Uh Girl

I previously posted that South of Beale will open early (12:30 PM) next Saturday for the US vs. England World Cup game.  Well, I’ve since learned additional information, and it will make the Nuh-Uh Girl very happy.  They just tweeted on their @southofbeale account that they will have FREE FOOD SAMPLES while they last for the game.

I’m not sure if the Nuh-Uh Girl is a soccer fan, but I’m pretty sure she’ll be willing to become one for a couple of hours if there’s free food involved.

The Nuh-Uh Girl, who is currently in New Orleans, will miss out on a free food event tonight though.  Christine by Shelton Clothiers is having their open house from 5 to 9 with food from Circa, beer and wine.  Even though I’m not in their target market, I guess I’ll stop by to cover the event for the blog.  (and maybe drink a beer too)

Brick + Sat. update

Last night my friend Lee and I were drinking beer at the Saucer.  “Let’s go next door and see how Brick’s doing,” he suggested.  So we walked over to the Silly Goose.  I had the camera.

Cayla came in after her shift at the Saucer ended. Brick was happy to see her.
Brick and Lee
Brick and me
Me trying to kiss Cayla after beer #39 and several shots

All right, on to the news, and the pictures make a good lead-in because my first item is about the Silly Goose.  INSIDE SPORTS is conducting a talent search to find a sexy reporter, and they’ll be at the Goose on Tuesday.  Registration will take place at 4 PM, and then they’ll do auditions from 4:30 to 7 PM.  After that, it’s time to party!  They didn’t mention specific attire, but I think a tube top would be a good thing to wear to this event if you plan to audition.

BJ Chester-Tamayo, chef at Alcenia’s, was mentioned in this week’s Meet the Chef feature in the CA.

Watching the conference realignment rumors with great interest… looks like Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor and Iowa State may be screwed.  Wonder if the end result could be Memphis and Kansas in the same conference?  That would sure make basketball fun to watch.

Fun night last night… before ending up at the Saucer and then the Goose, I went down to Calhoun’s for a while.  GREAT crowd.  I played cornhole outside and actually didn’t do too bad.

No plans for today.  Not driving out east to Italian Fest. Just saw that Franziskaner is the fire sale, so maybe I’ll walk over to the Saucer and have a beer with Danny.

Fri update: Lansky, Ferriss/Evernote, soccer, intern program, and more

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Lansky at the Peabody had created a coffee table book detailing the store’s 65-year history. Hal Lansky was on Live at 9 this week to talk about the book. The interview can be seen on YouTube here.

One of my New Year’s resolutions (yeah, I know it’s June) is to use Evernote more. It’s a fantastic note-taking tool. It has text recognition, so you can take photos of documents and then find text within them. There have to be 101 uses for Evernote that I haven’t discovered yet. They made a great move yesterday, when they brought one of my favorite authors, Tim Ferriss, on as an advisor. Tim is the author of The Four-Hour Work Week, and in this interview he discusses some of the ways he uses Evernote to save time.

South of Beale normally opens at 4 PM, but they’ve announced that next Saturday, June 12, they’ll be open at noon for the US vs. England soccer match.

If you’re a summer intern, or if you have summer interns, check out this excellent Leadership Academy program. It helps interns in town for the summer get connected in the community, and to develop friendships while experiencing all the great things Memphis has to offer. This is a program that really works – back when I was active at MPACT Memphis, they did something similar and saw an increase in the number of interns who returned to Memphis to take full-time permanent positions after graduation.

I’ve been asked to ask a favor of my blog readers. Go to the Flying Saucer, and order Spaten products (Spaten Lager, Oktoberfest, or Franziskaner) from Whitney, pictured below.

There’s currently a contest going on where the Saucer employee who sells the most Spaten products gets a prize. Whitney, by the way, didn’t ask me to make this announcement – people who want to see her win did. And it’s an opportunity to throw a tube top pic on the blog, so, win/win.

For ideas for stuff to do this weekend, check out Kerry’s post on her I Love Memphis blog. It’s a good resource to check every Friday as you plan your weekend.

Time for lunch… thinking Arby’s today.  No big plans for tonight, but I’ll be at the Saucer for happy hour and see where the evening takes me after that.


I did my usual Peabody rooftop pre-game at the Saucer last night.  I told the girls the rooftop theme was “Jersey Shore,” and they wanted to do my hair for the event.  The result was a Snooki style poof.

Rooftop party was good… threat of rain made for a smaller crowd than usual.  Not a lot of people dressed up Jersey Shore style (other than the douchebags who dress like that every night).  Also, fewer tube tops than I had hoped to see.

Back at lunchtime with an update.

Thur update: “You Got the Look” contest at Red Rooster, SMA meeting next Tuesday

The Red Rooster is bringing back its “You Got the Look” contest for its post-rooftop Thursday night parties.  Every week the Rooster will select a lucky lady who “has the look” to receive a great prize.  This week’s prize is a Coach bag.  There is no cover for ladies all night Thursday nights at the Rooster, 2-for-1 drinks until 10, and $2.50 longnecks until midnight.

I have no affiliation with this contest, but if I did, the winner would probably have a tube top on.  Just sayin’.

The monthly South Main Association meeting will be next Tuesday, June 8, at Christine by Shelton Clothiers on the Main Street Mall.  The speaker will be Terry Lynch, president of The Southland Companies, speaking on the topic “Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full.”  (Was that rescheduled from a previous meeting?  Sounds familiar.)  Social at 6, meeting at 6:30, cash bar, complimentary hors d’oeuvres provided by Circa.  Free food?  Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.

And that’ll do it for this short post.  I have a couple of unused Darden Restaurants gift cards, and Red Lobster is not far away, so I guess that will be lunch.

Jersey Shore night tonight at the Peabody

A lot of people have been waiting for this one… tonight’s theme on the Peabody rooftop is “Jersey Shore.”  Dress up like The Situation, DJ Pauly D, JWoww, Snooki, or just do your own interpretation of what Jersey Shore might look like if it came to Memphis.

There will be a Jersey Shore themed menu including

– Coney Island dogs
– Cheddar popcorn
– Onion rings

If you’re in VIP, these additional items will be on the buffet there:

– Fried clam po’boys
– Fried fish fingers with tartar sauce
– Wheel of cheddar cheese w/crackers

Featured beers will be PBR and Sparks.  Not sure how I feel about the world’s greatest beer, PBR, being featured on a night that honors people like Snooki.

$10 cover, first drink free with paid admission, ladies free before 7.  Entertainment will be the Mudflap Kings.  Get out on that dance floor and battle to their tunes!  And remember, in Jersey, we don’t pump our gas, we pump our fists!

Bikes on Beale: Ride, Sally, ride

After a stop at happy hour at the Saucer last night, I went to Bikes on Beale, where there were countless Harleys and three scooters.  Here’s Sally of the Blue Suede Brigade on a scooter.  Yeah, I know it’s June and this isn’t a tube top pic, but Sally’s pretty popular Downtown so hopefully my readers will let it slide.

In other news:  The Silly Goose is doing a pasta bar from 5-9 Monday-Friday.  It’s $10-13 depending on what you order, and they have a wide array of sauces and toppings.

The CCC tweeted this last night: “Joey’s NY Deli & Pizzeria opens 2morrow at 99 N Main. Smoked prime rib po-boy, NY Dog on baguette, beef brisket sandwich, pizza. 523-0116”

Got another post coming this morning, about this week’s Peabody rooftop party.