Sometimes, you gotta go with the flow and let plans change…

Saturday in the early afternoon, my day was just starting.  I’d started the transition of my hair from Elvis black back toward its usual color, having dyed it dark brown.  My plan was to clean the apartment as I played single-table Sit’n’Go tournaments on PokerStars.  Having heard that a crap-ass cider was the Fire Sale, I saw no need to go out before about 7 PM.

Then the phone rang.  It was my friend Clay.  “You should come over in about an hour,” he told me.  “Air Traffic Mike is bringing steaks over.  We’re going to grill out.”

Steaks?  So much for cleaning and playing poker.  I got dressed and headed down there, stopping to buy a six-pack of Sierra Nevada Tumbler at Frank’s Deli.  (It was really good, by the way.  It’s their seasonal fall ale.)

Air Traffic Mike holding one of the huge porterhouse steaks he brought over.
The steaks marinating, plus a couple of veal rib chops.
Appetizer of cheese and bread
John D and Otto trying in vain to light the gas grill on the rooftop of 420 S. Front. Eventually we gave up and oven-broiled the steaks.
View looking north from the rooftop
Tomato and feta salad
Steaks are ready!
meat meat meat

After eating, we hung out and watched TV for a while.  It was the first time I’ve watched “House, M.D.” and I have to admit it was a pretty good show.  Meanwhile, I was keeping up with the Ptolemy Poker Run on Twitter, and they had reached their third stop of the day, the Flying Saucer.  One of them shouted “Is Paul Ryburn alive?” on Foursquare when they didn’t find me there.

After I saw them checking in at their fourth stop, I walked up to the Saucer, and had a good evening hanging out with friends.  Just a nice, chilled-out Saturday night.  I hung on long enough to catch FreeWorld’s first set, then went home to get a full night’s sleep, which will be much needed because…

Today is the alley party at Bardog Tavern!!!

Should be a fun time.  I’m getting a full charge on the camera battery as I type this.  Will probably wear the battery all the way down and have to resort to my iPhone as a backup camera.  I’ll probably start the day with brunch at the Majestic, then do an hour or so at the Saucer, then head over to Bardog around 1.  Hope to see you there – this is a can’t miss party.