Glad the camera has memory, because mine’s a little fuzzy this morning

Ah… sleep, sleep, wonderful sleep.  Got a full 9 hours last night.  That hasn’t happened a lot the past few months, since my next door neighbors got two little barky dogs.  As early as 5 in the morning some days I start hearing ARF ARF ARF.  Nearly everyone on my floor (at least the people I’ve talked to) hate those dogs.  This morning, though, they were quiet.  Maybe the neighbors donated them to a high school football team to use for kicking practice.  Or stuck them in the microwave to see what would happen.  Who cares… at any rate, glad not to have heard them for once.

I took some pics of signs and flyers for upcoming events while I was out this weekend.  Sunday, October 10 looks like it’s going to be a big day.

The Flying Saucer will have an outdoor beerfest on the 10th, with some beers not normally on tap at the bar.  $20 for a beer sampling card.  Wow… with the Cooper-Young Beerfest the day before, that’s going to be a big weekend for beer drinking in Memphis.  Needless to say, I plan on doing both events.

Fun times will also be going on down the street at Kooky Canuck:

Kooky will have 99 cent Labatt Blue on the 10th to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, and then Monday there will be food specials.  I know turkey for Thanksgiving is kind of an American thing… I wonder what Canadians eat?  Moose maybe?  I’ll have to ask Shawn next time I see him.

Reminds me… people have asked if I get along better with Meghan now that she no longer works Downtown.  I think three tweets I directed at her last night will answer that question:

“If you had lived in the Cretaceous Period, you’d have been a Doucheasaurus Rex”

“If your image were engraved in the side of a mountain, it would be Mount Douchemore”

“If you were a beer, you’d be Abita Turbo Douche”

That first tweet probably went totally over her head.  She probably read it and thought, “Cretaceous Period… what’s that, the 1800s?”

I watched the Arkansas-Alabama game at Max’s (formerly Calhoun’s) yesterday and had a really good time.  The place was loaded with Hog fans and the place exploded when Mallett completed a pass for a touchdown 50 seconds into the game.  Too bad the Hogs couldn’t hold on.  For the first 45 minutes they looked like a team that could hang with anyone in the country, and in the fourth quarter they just couldn’t handle the pressure.  Congrats to Bama on a good game.  As I’ve said before, I’ve always liked them.  Hopefully the Hogs can recover, not lose another game this season, and have a chance at getting to a BCS bowl.  I wonder how far we’ll drop in the rankings?  16 maybe?

There was still a silver lining for me concerning yesterday’s game… while it was on, people got on my College Logo Shopping site and bought stuff, so I made commission while sipping a PBR and watching TV.  Arkansas fans bought more stuff than Alabama fans (someone bought a $164.99 Razorback cooler), so at least the Hogs won that battle.

I saw on Twitter last night that Local Gastropub has added a TV with 100″ projection screen.  So if you like watching football on a really big screen, that would be a place to go.

The next part of this post requires me to fire up my painfully slow 2006 laptop to grab a pic… wow this thing is taking all of 7 minutes to boot. Glad I have a MacBook now.

Last night was a sad night at the Saucer, as one of my favorite bartenders ever worked her last shift there.

Jessie (on the right in the pic above, at our BBQ Fest ’09 booth with two of her best girlfriends) is one of the sweetest people ever.  She will most definitely be missed, although I can’t blame her for moving onward and upward.  Don’t be a stranger!

Hair color update… I now have it back to medium brown without any adverse effects from dyeing it black for the Elvis pub crawl.  Next week or the week after, I’ll dye it medium golden brown, which is only one shade darker than it was before, and let the sun fade it back to the old color.  Nikki will be happy that she has “her” hair back.  Susie will be happy too.

Getting ready for Sunday Fun Day, which I have a feeling will be extra fun this week.  May post again later, we’ll see.