So, I stepped off the plane in Savannah, walked through the gate, and about 3 seconds later, everyone in the waiting area broke out into applause. I had no idea I had so many fans in Savannah.

Just kidding.

The person behind me was a soldier in full camo, and everyone applauded to say “thank you.” Very, very classy. There were about 15 soldiers on my flight.

Got here safe and sound… of course Delta was 30 minutes late into Atlanta, making run through Hartsfield Airport to make my connection. Should’ve known to bring my running shoes, but I didn’t. I wore sandals. Delta being Delta, the connecting flight to Savannah was 30 minutes late too, so it’s all good.

Got checked in, went over to the center and got my pass for the conference. Nothing to do until 6. I guess I’ll walk a few blocks north where there are several pubs and grab some lunch. And, of course, a beer.

All right. Catching up on 97 unread e-mails. Let’s see what’s in there… gonna make this quick.

Peabody Corner Bar is the Memphis Groupon for today. $30 worth of grub for $15. They have a new Cheese Board on the menu, if you’re into trying different kinds of cheeses.

Hmmm… everything else in the inbox can wait, because it’s not time sensitive and I really need to go eat. May post again, depending on time.