Another place to get PBR on draft: Rehab Disco

When I was recapping what I did Friday night, I forgot that I left out a very important stop: Rehab Disco, where a friend was having a birthday party. While there, JJ took me downstairs to Rockbottom and showed me the new tap wall they have installed. 12 beers on tap, or as I like to think of it, PBR and 11 other beers on tap.

The upstairs part of Rehab is an upscale club, and they’ve been known to draw some nationally and internationally known DJs, as well as the best of our local DJ talent. Downstairs is Rockbottom, more of a locals’ type bar where you can chill out and have conversation with friends.

Good place. I need to spend more time there. To keep up with what’s going on at Rehab, “Like” their Facebook page.