Mon update: Super Bowl parties, Dyer’s is the best, Peabody wine club, Llama Tag and more

Mondays normally suck, but I’m in a good mood today… just gave a demo of the company Intranet site I’m building with WordPress, and it was well received. The MyCalendar plugin, by the way, is simply awesome.

Let’s get to the news…

I’m starting to get info about Super Bowl parties that will happen Downtown on Sunday. One of those will be at Kooky Canuck, where the game will be shown on 8 TVs with giant projection screen with sound on. $2 34 oz. Bud Light, $2 wells, $11.99 for 24 wings with fries.

B.B. King’s will also have a party with a big projection screen, $2.50 domestic bottles, $3 domestic pints, $3 Alabama Slammers, three domestic bottles and three hot dogs for $10 (add chili $1 per dog), $3 bowls of chili, 35 cent wings, $5 cheese nachos (add chili $2), $2 hot dogs, $3 chili dogs. There will also be a $15 Super Combo with three domestic bottles, hot wings, cat bites, and mini corndogs.

If you know of other Super Bowl parties that are Downtown and open to the public, send the details to and I’ll post them.

Congratulations to Dyer’s on being named one of the best burgers in the U.S. by Food & Wine magazine. I can’t argue. When I moved Downtown, Dyer’s was the very first meal I had as a resident. Good to see Dyer’s burgers being mentioned in the company of great burgers like California’s In-n-Out Burger.

The Flyer’s Hunrgy Memphis blog interviewed Krista McCracken, sommelier at the Peabody, recently. In the interview, McCracken talks about the new Master Tasters wine club that will meet for the first time Wednesday at the Corner Bar.

Congratulations to Llama Tag on winning the SeedHatchery investment (Edit: Thanks Patrick for the correction) for the best pitch at the 48-Hour Launch event that happened this weekend. Llama Tag is described as a way for you to leave your mark everywhere you go, via social graffiti/augmented reality. Sounds interesting… follow them on Twitter at @llamatag. There are a lot of neat business ideas coming out of Memphis these days.

Pint Nite at the Saucer tonight, most drafts $3… I’m 16 beers away from finishing my 5th plate, and I plan to reduce that number to 13 tonight. The 10:00 poker game at the Silly Goose is possibly on my agenda as well.