Ferraro’s announces prizes for new Tuesday trivia night

(Edit: I typed this post this morning before work. Since then, the increasing threat of severe weather has forced me to change my tune from “will attend” to “maybe.” See the MemphisWeather.net blog for more information on the upcoming storms.)

Kevin Cerrito, host of the new Tuesday trivia night at Ferraro’s Pizzeria and Pub, has announced the weekly prizes.

1st place – $50 gift card
2nd place – $20 gift card
3rd place – $10 gift card
Best team name – pitcher of PBR

The team formerly known as the Rapscallions plans on being there. I say “formerly known” because we might as well compete for best team name. We have a team member who is very good at coming up with names. Ironically, he hates PBR. That’s OK though, I’ll drink it, and besides we have other team members who are always up for mooching a free beer.

To recap, the trivia night starts at 8 and will end around 10. Maximum 8 per team, which may force us to break into 2 teams. Ferraro’s is smoke free, but there’s a patio for those who are into inhaling cancer causing agents. Homemade New York-style pizza pies and excellent calzones.

Ferraro’s is on Jackson near the intersection of Main. Free parking.

Wonder if my team will get hit with a cell phone penalty. We don’t cheat, but some of our team members are bad about texting, tweeting, checking Facebook, playing Words with Friends, etc. during trivia.

I’m probably going to hit Bardog’s happy hour around 6, then walk or trolley to Ferraro’s a little after 7 if anyone wants to join. (Edit: If weather is bad, will just stick around Bardog, close to home.)