Wed update: OS X Lion, work for the Church Health Center, free stuff to do, douchey colleges, Snuggie Pub Crawl

Sad news to start this Wednesday blog post. Mike Lenegar of Neola Farms passed away last night. Mike raised cattle on his farm in Tipton County, and did a lot to get the local farm-to-table movement going. Neola Farms beef has been sold at the Memphis Farmers Market, and is served at Trolley Stop Market and many other Memphis restaurants. Condolences to the Lenegar family. Dining in Memphis would not be the same without Mike’s many contributions.

Mac owners: OS X Lion hit the App Store this morning. Here’s a list of new features in Lion, and here’s a guide on preparing your Mac for Lion. If you use Parallels Desktop to run Windows on your Mac, you’ll need to upgrade to Parallels Desktop 6 in order for it to work with Lion. Here’s a LifeHacker article explaining the pros and cons of upgrading to Lion for those who are perfectly happy with Snow Leopard.

Want to work for one of Memphis’ best nonprofits? The Church Health Center has several positions open.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau published a list of free things to do in Memphis. It’s quite a long list!

GQ named the 10 douchiest colleges in America. UK should have made the list solely based on their head basketball coach.

The date has been announced for this year’s Beale Street Snuggie Pub Crawl: 11/11/11. Well that will be easy to remember.

“Memphis City Schools” is a trending topic on Twitter. Can’t we ever trend for anything positive? I thought we were done being the laughingstock of the nation now that Herenton is gone, but I guess not.

Time to grab some KFC, then back for an exciting afternoon of cubicle sitting.