Sat update: Redbirds Organ Donor Night, food links, New York Suit Exchange, Beavis and Butt-head and more

Fun night hanging out at the Saucer last night. A friend of ours who returned for a visit was told that none of our group hangs out at the Saucer anymore, now that they’ve gone non-smoking. Apparently the 8 or 9 of us who were there didn’t get that memo (or, did and recognized it for the manipulative BS it was). I was there until almost midnight and got three beers done for my 6th plate. After that I stopped by Huey’s for Paul’s Drunkass Food, which last night was a West Coast burger.

Yahoo! Sports did a story on the Redbirds recently. August 13 is Organ Donor Night at AutoZone Park. The ‘birds will wear special uniforms for the game, and you can see pictures here. Wow. Livers and kidneys on baseball uniforms. That’s… um, different, to say the least.

Warning: Be prepared to be hungry if you click this link. Thomas from the Eat Local Memphis blog went to Felicia Suzanne’s for lunch yesterday, and got the grilled cheese sandwich. OMG that looks good. I need to take a Friday off soon and eat at Felicia’s.

Speaking of food: Now and then I’ll spotlight a dish at a Downtown restaurant. Recently I went back through about March and categorized all my food posts. You can find them here in Paul’s Food Find. Now, keep in mind that I don’t claim to be a food blogger; I just write about what I like. Still, I think my posts are a good sampling of Downtown dining. If you’re new to town and are looking for Memphis dining info, I recommend you bookmark these blogs:

Probably a bad political move to be linking to a bunch of other blogs while the Best of Memphis voting is going on, but who cares.

In the news: UT self-imposes two years’ probation, in response to a bunch of NCAA violations, most of which were due to the fact that its former basketball coach was a huge douchebag. They’re hoping that with the probation in place, and having fired Douchey Brucey and spineless wussy AD Mike Hamilton, the NCAA will think they’ve been punished enough.

Great news: One of the best TV shows ever is returning this fall, after being off the air 14 years. Yep, Beavis and Butt-head are coming back. Can’t wait.

The Memphis Business Journal reports that New York Suit Exchange is outgrowing its current spot at Union and Danny Thomas. They’re considering a new location, either Downtown or elsewhere. I hope they stick around. I do most of my clothes shopping at Shelton, but they’re good to have around when I need an inexpensive dress shirt that I’ll only wear a few times a year.

Great editorial by Internet poker coach Chris Wilcox about the downfall of online poker and the innocent people who are now out of jobs. He gets to the root of why the government targeted online poker, and Tennessee’s very own ex-Senator Bill Frist was mentioned. Interesting read.

Playing around with Spotify this morning. Listening to Rush’s early albums and remembering how good they were. Pretty cool, to listen to music for free. I was going to buy and install OS X Lion, but I’m worried it will take a while and interfere with my afternoon beer drinking. Speaking of which, it’s time to hit Publish, then hit the bar…