Fri update: Wine reception, Redbirds, college football, Memphis Music & Heritage Festival schedule, Rizzo’s Diner

I had an interesting and enjoyable Thursday night yesterday. A good friend of mine in the wealth management business asked me to meet with him, to brainstorm on how to use social media to connect with people. He has some really outstanding ways for young professionals, especially those getting married or about to start a family, to increase their future wealth without impacting their lifestyle at all. He’s also very concerned about the fact that most people in the service industry don’t have health insurance. He’s seen too many fundraisers for bartenders and servers who got sick and couldn’t work, and is trying to pull together ways to insure them inexpensively. It was fascinating to hear about, and I hope I gave him some good ideas. Should I do a full post about him? I can if anyone is interested, although it will probably be next week before I get around to it (there’s beer to drink, after all).

He told me that his smoke breaks are rather lonely; he’s the only one in his 16-person office who smokes! Time to give up that habit buddy!

Next Friday, September 9, the Madison Hotel will begin a new wine tasting and reception in its lobby. Wines will be paired with food stations designed by Grill 83 executive chef Chris Windsor. Ambient jazz band Front Street will provide live music. Event is from 6 to 8 PM, costs $35 including tax and gratuity, and will be held every Friday during September (except tonight). Call 901-333-1224 to make reservations.

The Redbirds released their 2012 schedule this morning. They’ll play the first game of their 13th season on Friday, April 13; clearly the Redbirds are not superstitious. They’ll have home games on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day and July 4. If you’re one of the first 3000 fans to attend Sunday’s game, they’ll give you a free magnetic 2012 schedule.

The Memphis Business Journal published a list this week of the top revenue-generating teams in college football. I’m sure it will surprise no one that Texas as at the top of the list. My Arkansas Razorbacks come in at number 15. Tomorrow night it will be time to CALL THOSE HOGS! I have an invitation to watch the game on PPV, but will likely miss it because I will be at the Memphis Music and Heritage Festival.

Speaking of the festival, the schedule is now on the website. Wow. This looks like the best year ever. Cooking demo schedule is up too. This season’s Hell’s Kitchen contestant Jonathon Plumley is among the chefs who will be on stage.

The Flyer has broken the news about Chef Michael Patrick’s new restaurant. It’s going into the old Harry’s Detour space on G.E. Patterson. It will be called Rizzo’s Diner and the Chef is hoping for a mid-September opening.

Three day weekend coming up and I’m ready… just gotta get through the afternoon and then the fun begins. And by fun, I mean beer.