Funny Hat Day

One of the more unique events on the Downtown calendar happens today. Come to the window of the Flying Saucer between 1:30 and 4:30 today for Funny Hat Day.

Funny Hat Day is a leftover from the years when the annual COGIC convention was in Memphis. During the first week in November, the streets of Memphis would be filled with ladies wearing big, fluffy, feathery, sequined hats. The Downtowners decided they wanted to join in the fun, and so the first Sunday in November, they’d wear funny hats and gather in the Saucer window. Although the COGIC “saints” received some negative press when they were here, I have to admit they had a great sense of humor about Funny Hat Day. They’d stop to pose for pictures, and at least one Funny Hat Day participant got to go for a ride in a COGIC courtesy car.

The COGIC convention moved to St. Louis in 2010, but Funny Hat Day lives on. Expect to see a colorful array of hats in the window this afternoon. One change for 2011: The Saucer has dropped their 21+ restriction and is now an all-ages venue. So, children are welcome at Funny Hat Day. In particular, be sure to introduce your kids to Robo (third from left in the photo above, in the black hat). He loves children!

For me it will be business as usual this morning. Brunch at the Majestic at 11, then on to the Saucer at 12. I’m conducting an informal poll on Facebook as to which hat I should wear. These are the options:

What a fantastic day yesterday. Watched football at the Saucer and caught up with several old friends, who all happened to be in town the same weekend. My Hogs looked like a Top 10 team for the first time in three weeks, handing #9 South Carolina a loss. Meanwhile, LSU vs. Bama was a defensive showdown. When it went to overtime, I turned to my friend Air Traffic Mike and predicted four overtimes. ATM replied, “No. LSU in one.” He turned out to be right. LSU remains undefeated, and I hope they stay that way until November 25, when they’ve got the Razorbacks. What will happen if the SEC West finishes with three teams in the Top 5, each with one loss to another Top 5 team? Could happen.

Arkansas, by the way, has Tennessee next week. I may have to bring out the Hog Hat for that one.

(And no, the Hog Hat is not an option for Funny Hat Day. That would be blasphemy.)

So anyway, I hung out at the Saucer last night until about 1 AM, then realized Cockadoos was open. (They open at midnight Friday and Saturday.) I chatted with Cherise and enjoyed a Mason jar of Mountain Dew and hashbrowns with ham, cheese, onions, and peppers. When I paid my tab it was coming up on 2 AM. Time to go home, right?


The clock fell back to 1 AM as the time change occurred! So I went back to the Saucer for more beer. The bartenders were THRILLED to get to work the extra hour (it’s hard to communicate sarcasm in a blog post). Finally, at the second 2 AM of the night, I made it home to bed.

All right, time to hit Publish and make a run to City Market. Come out and enjoy Funny Hat Day with us!