Fri update: Trolley Tour, Z-boING in national news, new apartments on the south end, new projection TV at Flying Saucer, new beers at Kooky Canuck

Tonight is South Main Trolley Tour, held the last Friday of every month. South Main shops and businesses stay open on Trolley Tour night for shoppers. The Downtown Memphis Commission posted a list of businesses that will be open tonight, and it is HUGE. Check out the list here. Some of the shops offer discounts, live entertainment, and/or complimentary appetizers and beverages. Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.

Z-boING has made national headlines. ESPN has an article about Z-boING, in which you take Zach Randolph’s defensive stance, preferably wearing a headband, and using creativity in choosing a mouthpiece. Maybe I’ll take a pic of myself Z-boING tonight and blog it this weekend. I don’t have a yellow Grizzlies headband, but I have a PBR headband I’m always looking for excuses to wear.

Downtown development is creeping farther and father toward the neighborhood’s southern boundary. The Memphis Business Journal reports that Crescent Bluff apartments will soon be developed at the northeast corner of Florida and Virginia. Virginia Avenue is only one block north of Crump. The building will hold 72 units.

Last night I made my usual stop at the Saucer, and despite a HORRENDOUS Fire Sale (Abita Turbo Dog), I decided to stick around and watch the Grizzlies. Funny thing – the bar was relatively quiet until they pulled down both big screens and turned on the sound. The place quickly got packed. Show local games with sound on, attract a crowd… it’s not rocket surgery. “Paul, go outside and look at the TV in the Garden,” one of the servers told me. So I did.

I immediately could tell that the image on the big screen was much sharper and brighter than it had been before. “We got a new projection TV,” they told me. Gotta hand it to the Saucer – they may claim to be a beer bar, not a sports bar, but they’ve really raised the bar for showing games lately.

Kooky Canuck has four new Canadian beers by Unibroue. Here is more info on them (click the photo for a larger image):

And while we’re on the subject of Kooky Canuck, here’s a bonus photo of me with Lana, taken last Sunday:

All right, that’s the Friday news. Sorry these posts have been coming after work rather than at lunch, but I just haven’t had enough newsworthy stuff to do lunch posts several times this week.

Time to go get something to eat, then beer after that.