Chef Reilly is now Citizen Reilly

So, in last night’s Z-boING photo I had red, white and blue beads. I said I’d come back and post why.

It was because yesterday, my friend Patrick Reilly, who co-owns the Majestic Grille with his wife Deni, took his oath as a United States citizen. Patrick grew up in Ireland. He became a citizen yesterday morning, and then Deni threw him a surprise party in the upstairs of the Majestic in the early evening. I didn’t take any photos – the space was packed, not surprising since Patrick has a lot of friends – but it was a good time. There was a buffet of all-American food, all-American drinks at the bar, and even red, white and blue M&Ms.

There was a photo of Patrick receiving his citizenship papers, and space for guests to write around the edges. I wrote, “AMERICA! Home of PBR and Patrick Reilly.” In my book there are few higher compliments than to be mentioned alongside PBR.

Congratulations to one of our country’s newest citizens!