Want to make big bucks? Play basketball, not football

Who do you think makes more, Tom Brady or O.J. Mayo?

This morning I was surfing Yahoo! Sports, looking at the rosters for NFL teams. Salaries for many players are listed. I was surprised to learn that Tom Brady, one of the elite players in the National Football League, makes almost exactly the same amount as O.J. Mayo of the Grizzlies. I thought his salary would be more in line with NBA superstars like Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, and LeBron James. Not even close.

Here’s another one. Who do you think makes more, Tim Tebow or Tony Allen?

TA makes almost twice as much what Tebow makes, even though Tebow is the much more widely recognized name. He may have inspired “Tebowing,” but his paychecks really aren’t that big.

The NFL rosters were riddled with players making in the $400,000-$500,000 range. The Grizzlies only have one player below $500K and two more below $1 million.

The moral of the story: If you want to make the big money, play basketball.

If you’re trying to decide where to watch the game, here’s my list of Downtown Super Bowl specials to help you out. I’m still totally undecided where to watch. At this point 5 different bars are under consideration. Game starts at 5:30. I’ve got the first half of my day worked out though. Brunch at the Majestic at 11, then at noon I’ll walk over to the Flying Saucer to enjoy a bonus Pint Nite. Almost all beers on the tap wall only $3 a pint.

Random pro wrestling video: January 1997: Diamond Dallas Page joins the nWo

I saw this on a wrestling site a couple of days ago and figured I’d share.

DDP defeats a jabroni in short order, and afterward his buddies Scott Hall and Kevin Nash come down to the ring to welcome him to the New World Order. What happened next was one of the most exciting moments in pro wrestling history. Commentary by WCW president Eric Bischoff and Ted DiBiase, themselves nWo members.

Win free parking Downtown for a year

The Downtown Memphis Commission will give away free Downtown parking for a year to a couple of lucky folks on Valentine’s Day. To have a chance to win, all you have to do is “Like” their Downtown Memphis page on Facebook.

Three posts today and it’s not even 10 AM yet. I like days when I can post the news as it comes in, rather than having to spew it all out in one “_______ update” post at lunchtime. In the mood for some day drinking at Bardog when they open at noon.

Green Chicken Masala @ City Market

If you’ve never checked out the pre-packaged meals in City Market’s refrigerated case, you’re missing out. Owners Sunny and Hamida are from India, and lately they’ve been packaging more of their native dishes to-go. I love Indian food, and since Amber Palace closed in 2005 I’ve had no way to get it without driving a car. Therefore, I’m thrilled to have the chance to take home food from City Market.

Last night about 10:45, I was at the Saucer drinking my usual Dos Equis Lager. I checked Foursquare. “Bleh,” I thought. “No one is out tonight. Instead of going to another bar, I think I’ll call it an early night and conserve energy for tomorrow.” Remembering that City Market is open until 11:30 Friday and Saturday nights, I stopped in as I walked home.

Looking over their selection, I decided on the Green Chicken Masala pictured above. At $6.99, it was cheaper than I’d pay for that same entree in an actual restaurant. I dumped it on a plate and after two and a half minutes in the microwave, it was delicious.

If you’re not into Indian food, don’t worry, the market has plenty of pre-packaged American dishes too. Also, if you’re a vegetarian, try the vegetable korma. If you’re Downtown at lunchtime, they have hot Indian specials several weekdays that you can eat there or take back to your home or office.

Fri update: Megabus/Knoxville, comedy/blues Groupon, new women’s retail store, martini lunch at Felicia’s

I had a fun night at the Grizzlies watch party at the Blind Bear last night. We killed the Hawks, and showed everyone why we’re leading the league in steals per game. I ended up sitting only a few feet away from a Board of Directors meeting of my new BBQ team, the Moody Ques. I got to hear the plans for this year. I’m not allowed to post any of them yet, but I asked the vice president of the team, “Am I at least allowed to say that it will be epic?” He said yes. So there you go. Epic. I have every reason to believe they will exceed what my former team did in their best years, 2008-10.

Attention UT fans: You’ll have an inexpensive way to get to Knoxville for home games this fall. Megabus is adding a route from Memphis to Knoxville. Service starts February 29 and fares are as cheap as $1. The farther ahead you book, the cheaper the fare. There’s a stop in Nashville, so the bus is a travel option there too.

There’s a Groupon for a comedy/blues show at the New Daisy on Valentine’s Day that is currently active. Description reads, “Def Jam ‘Bad Girl’ Sonya D hosts trio of comics in Valentine‚Äôs Day comedy show shared with blues artist Ms. Toni Green.” There are options to purchase 2, 4, or 6 tickets, or 2 VIP tickets.

A new women’s retail store will soon appear in the Downtown core. A shop called Revive has rented space in One Commerce Square at the northwest corner of Union and Second, according to the Memphis Business Journal. It will sell clothing, shoes and accessories, and is owned by the former operator of the Coco & Lilly shop in Peabody Place mall. The Revive location has never been used for retail before.

Felicia Suzanne’s, open for lunch on Friday only, has added a new lunch special: Enjoy a vodka or gin martini for $0.25 with your lunch.

Plans for tonight: Not at all sure. I’ll probably start at the Saucer for happy hour and figure it out from there. May wander down to Beale for IBC.

Updated Downtown Super Bowl special list

List updated to include Blind Bear, Max’s, Tug’s, and Kooky Canuck.

Bardog Tavern: 25 cent wings, $2 Bud and Bud Light longnecks, $2 Fireball. Game on 4 HDTVs including a new 60″ TV downstairs in the Underdog Room.

B.B. King’s: $4 wells, $5 house wines, $2.50 domestic bottles, half price apps. Also a food/drink deal: Pitcher of domestic beer & Super Soul Sampler (wings, pickles, ribs, catfish bites) for $20.

Blind Bear: Chicken Bear Claws – chicken strips served with golden BBQ sauce or “as hot as you can bear it” sauce $5, two chili dawgs $5, $3 fireball shots, $10 domestic beer buckets (5 per bucket)

Ferraro’s Pizzeria and Pub: Super Bowl Bash in the Party Room. View the game on a HUGE screen plusall you can eat Italian Buffet and all you can drink Bud Light for only $25.

Flying Saucer: Pint Nite, normally only done on Mondays. Almost all of the 75 drafts on the wall only $3 a pint.

Green Beetle: $1 Miller Lite drafts, $5 buckets of domestics, $3 Stolis. They’re adding an extra TV for the game.

Kooky Canuck: $2.00 34oz Bud Light, $2.00 well drinks, $11.99 for 20 Wings w/french fries, extra large projection screen, 8 HDTV screens, game sound will be playing.

Local Gastropub: $2 sliders, $3 Fireballs, $4 shooter specials, $3 Ghost River pints, $1 off domestic bottles.

Max’s Sports Bar: $2 Bud Light longnecks, giveaways every commercial with an entry for every beer you buy. Mirrors, hats, pictures, T-shirts, etc. Everyone will get something. 10 HDTVs.

Silly Goose: $2.50 Bud, Bud Light, Bud Select, Mich Ultra longnecks; $10 buckets of beer; $5 game time food specials.

T.J. Mulligans: $10 Bud Light buckets, $7 Bud Light pitchers, $4 Super Bowl shooter, 45 cent hot wings, $5 pizza, $5.50 chicken quesadilla, $7.50 football combo (no idea what is in the combo).

Tug’s: $2 beverages 5-10 PM; drawings for a night at the River Inn, $25/$50 Tug’s gift cards. Drawing for a $10 Tug’s gift card after every touchdown.

Thur update: Chefs respond to contest, Grizz watch party @ Blind Bear, condo for rent, Easy Way/food truck, MemphisGives, SMA meeting date, IBC

Yesterday I posted about the Memphis Business Journal’s “Vote for the Best Chef” competition. Many chefs were displeased with the format of the vote, in which they were placed against one another, single elimination, bracket style. Apparently the MBJ suggested the chefs “smack talk” one another on social media to create a buzz (Edit: The MBJ says in an article this afternoon that claims “smack talk” was encouraged were patently false). However, the chefs see themselves as a community and did not want to be pitted against one another. Many of the chefs in the contest wrote a letter to the MBJ respecfully declining to be part of the contest.

My advice to the MBJ, as someone who does social media marketing? Turn a negative into a positive. Admit that the competition was a bad idea, shut it down, and then reach out to the chefs who declined to be a part of it. Ask them how you can work together to promote the rich culinary experience that is Memphis. You have a chance to build relationships with a number of wonderful people here. Don’t blow it.

My thought as I was reading the chefs’ letter to the MBJ? “Wow, this contest was such a bad idea, I’m surprised the Commercial Appeal didn’t think of it first.”

The Blind Bear is hosting the official Grizzlies watch party tonight, as the Grizzlies travel to Atlanta to take on the Hawks. The Bear will open at 5:30, with regular happy hour until 8, and happy hour specials through the end of the game for anyone dressed in Grizzlies attire. They’re also advertising a “Big Bear Bonus” for anyone dressed as Super Grizz. Game time is 6:30 PM.

A friend of mine has a condo for rent in Barton Flats, available March 1. One bedroom, two bath loft, 1460 square feet, two stories, view of the Mississippi. Barton Flats is a 100+ year old Cotton Row warehouse that was converted to condos last decade, and they did a beautiful job. I’ve been in there many times – exposed brick, hardwood floors, one of the best rooftops downtown, awesome neighbors. Here’s the listing.

The Fuel food truck was told this morning that they are no longer welcome at the Barking Lot at the corner of Main and Jefferson, because they are too close to the entrance of Easy Way. The ordinance says food trucks cannot be within 50 feet of restaurants, but since when is Easy Way a restaurant? And wasn’t that space on the lot designed specifically for food trucks? This is bullshit if you ask me.

Memphis techies are banding together for charitable causes. Like the MemphisGives page on Facebook if you want to help out. They’re having an event next Tuesday at Cortona restaurant in Cooper-Young, to raise donation for clothes for the homeless.

The South Main Association normally meets the second Tuesday of every month. However, that would be Valentine’s Day this month, so they’re changing the meeting to Monday, February 13. It will be at Earnestine & Hazel’s (soul burgers!), social at 6 PM, meeting at 6:30. Councilman Edmund Ford will speak. For the first time in 4 months, they’re not holding an election.

The International Blues Challenge continues tonight at clubs on and near Beale Street. Buy a wristband and hear the best blues bands in the world compete in many different clubs.

I’ll post an updated Super Bowl special list later today or tomorrow. I’ve added Blind Bear and Kooky Canuck… just need to check the Flyer to see if there’s anything additional in there. Still no idea where I plan on watching the game.

Time to grab lunch. Possibly another post after work.

Wed update: Best chef vote, nutty hot dog, Peabody rooftop parties, Tastin’ Round Town, trampoline park, chicken fight and more

The Memphis Business Journal has started a new “vote for the best chef” competition that is creating some controversy. Rather than voting for your favorite in all of Memphis, the chefs are pitted off one versus the other, bracket style, single elimination. At least two prominent Downtown chefs have expressed their displeasure on Twitter. They see themselves as a community and don’t want to be pitted off against one another as adversaries. One chef who is in the competition has asked to be removed. I kind of see their point. This isn’t the NBA playoffs where ultimately there can be only one winner; rather, it’s Memphis where we’re ALL winners because these chefs are here. Anyway, if you want to take a look, here it is.

Bardog is taking their creativity with the Dog of the Day to new levels. Today’s Dog is the “Nutty Joe Young,” with crunchy peanut butter, fried bananas & roasted peanut crumbles.

The Peabody has announced that their rooftop parties will start April 19.

Good article on the Memphis Daily News site about Tastin’ Round Town, a company that conducts food tours of Memphis. Several Downtown restaurants are on the tours.

Also in the Daily News: This isn’t Downtown, but Memphis is getting a trampoline park and it opens next week. That’s pretty cool. How many cities can say they have a trampoline park? Maybe I should hold a Tube Top Month event there in June. That could be fun.

Only in Memphis: A fight over chicken at a bus stop at Poplar and Danny Thomas led to a knife assault. The victim grabbed away the knife and knocked several of the suspect’s teeth out. More info here.

Fun night playing poker at the Blind Bear last night. Less than 30 minutes into the game, I was running on fumes with barely 2 big blinds left in my stack… I made a comeback, though, and got to the final table. Congratulations to last night’s winner Bobby. Even though I didn’t take home a prize, I was quite happy with my second-place finish, considering how poorly I was doing early on. If you want to play some Texas Hold’em, the place to go tonight is the Underdog Room of Bardog, 7:30 game.

Plans for tonight: Due to the bad weather currently moving through, I’m going to switch things up tonight. Panda Manda Hour at Bardog to start off the evening. I’ll decide whether I feel like going downstairs for a third consecutive night of poker. After that, Saucer and maybe Blind Bear.