Thur update: Green Beetle menu, Cozy Corner in USA Today, Flyer box art, blues legends @ Double J tonight, Yazoo pint night @ Tap Room, Segway tours, installing Ice Cream Sandwich on my Android tablet, and more

Might want to avoid Second between Monroe and Beale if possible this afternoon – they’re doing construction and lanes are closed. Pic tweeted by I Love Memphis Blog intern Raquel – follow her on Twitter at @raquelhinson.

The Green Beetle has a new menu, and posted menu pics to Facebook this morning. You can view them here. A chili cheeseburger you eat with a knife and fork? Now that’s a dish I’m putting on my to-do list. I’ve been a fan of chili cheeseburgers ever since I had one at The Lion’s Share restaurant in McCain Mall in North Little Rock many, many years ago.

There is a great article about the Cozy Corner in USA Today’s “Great American Bites” feature. Read it here. The article compares Cozy Corner’s wet ribs to the dry ones found at the Rendezvous. It also goes beyond ribs and talks about other dishes including Cornish game hen, BBQ spaghetti, and rib tips.

13 artists have decorated Memphis Flyer boxes that are located around town. Vote for your favorite here. Winner gets $500.

Want to hear some live music tonight? My pick of the day is two blues legends who will be performing at Double J SmokeHouse and Saloon tonight. Butch Mudbone and special guest Blind Mississippi Morris take the Front Porch Stage at 7 PM.

Yazoo brewery reps will be at the Beale Street Tap Room tonight for a Yazoo pint night tonight. The pint glass special will be the Yazoo Gold Medal winning Hefeweizen. Get a free glass with each Hefeweizen you buy. They’ll also be raffling off Yazoo shirts, ball caps, and other prizes. From 7 to 9 you can buy River City Brewers Festival tickets at the Tap Room.

If you want to take one of the Segway tours of Memphis, here are the times: Tue– 3:30, Wed– 3:00, Thurs– 3:30, Fri– 11:30 & 3:00, Sat– 11:30 & 3:00, Sun– 11:30 & 3:00. Call 901-529-4108 to reserve a spot on the tour.

Trash into treasure: About 5 months ago, I bought an Android tablet, the ViewSonic gTablet, on I knew that it came with an older operating system – Android 2.2 Froyo – and I’d probably have to root it. It was worse than I expected. The stock software that came with the tablet was severely crippled, and couldn’t even access the Android Market. I was unable to get several builds of Android 2.3 Gingerbread to run on the tablet. However, I was able to get a better version of Froyo working – I could access the Market, but I couldn’t get apps like Foursquare, Google Earth, and Google Maps. It was better than what came out of the box, but not by much, and I ignored the tablet for five months, especially after my Kindle Fire arrived in November.

Well, this week I discovered that a version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was available for the gTablet. After a good amount of tinkering, I got it installed. The tablet is fast and can access Google Play, the successor to the Android Market. It thinks it has a GPS – it doesn’t really, but Wi-Fi can approximate locations – so now I can get map-based apps and check in on Foursquare. The gTablet for Dummies site showed me how to install Ice Cream Sandwich. Note: I do not recommend buying this tablet unless you are a serious computer nerd who does not mind messing around under the hood (and voiding the warranty in the process). That said, I finally appreciate Android for the first time, and have a tablet that’s 90% as good as the iPad for half the price.

Relaxing Wednesday night last night. I got three Mendocino pale ales and IPAs done for my 6th plate at the Saucer. Those are delicious beers that I recommend if you’re into hoppy flavor. Only 35 beers left, although I’ll probably delay my plate party until June since festival season is coming up. I wrapped up the evening with a delicious Dog of the Day at Bardog. My checkin there prompted a couple of “we don’t hang out there enough” comments. Agreed!

Plans for tonight: Getting my hair cut after work, then out to the bars. I won’t be out early enough to make it to poker at Max’s.