Putting technology to work: Using Evernote to get a plate at the Flying Saucer

Back in the good old days, I used to carry pen and paper with me to jot down notes when I was out and about. Then in 2009, I got my first iPhone and started using the Notes app instead. However, I realized not long after that Evernote was a superior way to take notes. It stores notes in the cloud, so notes I take on any device on which I have the program installed – my MacBook, netbook, work computer, Android Tablet, Kindle Fire, and iPhone – immediately are available on all other devices. It’s become a service I can’t live without.

Now it’s helping me get my next plate at the Flying Saucer. As a member of the UFO Club, if you drink 200 different beers, you get a plate on the wall with your name on it, and a $100 plate party tab. If you complete more plates, the tab goes up – $125 for the fourth plate, $150 for the sixth, $175 for the ninth. The Saucer’s computer keeps track of which beers you’ve had.

I’m at 165 beers done, 35 more to go for my sixth plate. Now, usually when wrapping up a plate, I have to get through a few duds – beers I don’t like, or beers that are expensive. This time, I wanted to minimize the damage. So, I went to the Saucer’s beer computer and clicked the “Print Beers Not Tasted” button. It output this list:

This is actually only half the list – it’s folded over. The Saucer has a lot of beers, mixers, and flights!

I got a menu and put a circle by draft beers that are discounted on Pint Nite. I want to make sure and knock those beers out on Monday when they’re only $3. I still had 17 of those left.

Then I went through and put a line by other beers that I want to be sure to drink – either because I like them, or because they’re inexpensive. There were 12 more of those. That will get me to 194. So I’ll only have six left over to do from the expensive/yucky category.

When I got home, I signed into Evernote, and created a new note listing the beers I want to be sure to knock out on my way to 200.

Because of the syncing through the cloud, the note is now in my Evernote app on my phone.

As I drink the beers, I can open the app and delete them one by one. That will ensure that I don’t miss any of the beers I want to drink, getting to 200 as painlessly and as cheaply as possible.

As for getting the plate done, I’m not going to rush it. I’ll need six more Pint Nites just to knock out the draft beers. Besides, April and May are festival season, and it’s hard to find a date on the weekend to plan a plate party.

Speaking of festival season: Another post will be up in a couple of minutes. Stay tuned.