Reader is lame, refuses to wear tube top. Plus BBQ and rooftop news

One of my readers continues to be completely lame. Yesterday I texted her, saying that I’d shown her picture to some of my teammates and we all agree that she needs to wear a tube top to BBQ Fest every day. She replied back that she only has one tube top. I know for a fact this is not true, because she emailed me a photo of her in a yellow tube top with black trim a while back, as proof that she does indeed own one. Then she texted me a pic of her in a red tube top. So, she could at least get through Thursday and Friday. Plus she has a “bestie” who has many tube tops she could borrow. She’s simply offering more of the same – excuses. It’s getting old.

So last night she texted me, “I went to Gordman’s and Kohl’s tonight in hopes of a new tube top. Tried on 3. Didn’t like.” I appreciate the effort but she’s doing it wrong. She needs to drive across the bridge to West Memphis Wal-Mart and find a $4 white tube top in the clearance bin. That is all the effort that needs to be expended on appropriate BBQ Fest attire. Sadly I don’t think she will ever get it.

Okay, let’s get on to the news. If you want BBQ, you don’t even have to go to Tom Lee Park to get it. There will be free samples of BBQ outside Shelton Clothiers, with Garland Jack’s Secret Six sauces. They have original recipe, sweet brown sugar, hickory spice, and smoky molasses sauces. Samplings will be 12-5 today and tomorrow and 10-2 Saturday. Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.

The Nuh-Uh Girl, by the way, told me last night that I’ve been “obnoxious” about tube tops lately on the blog. Yeah and she’s not obnoxious about eating or anything. I heard she went over to Squeal Street and ate pretty much everything but the tent last night. Of course, she had a huge meal in our booth too.

If you’re not going to BBQ Fest tonight, there are several good outdoor parties happening Downtown. Lord T and Eloise play the Peabody rooftop tonight. 6-11 PM, $10 cover that includes your first drink, ladies free until 7.

On the Madison Hotel’s rooftop, there will be the soulful sounds of Brian “Breeze” Cayole rooted in jazz, R&B, and rock. $7 cover, 7-11 PM, cash bar, small plates, sunset views.

The “Retro on the Patio” series continues at Bleu tonight at 6 PM. They will celebrate the blues (bleus) with the sounds of Daddy Mack on the patio.

There’s free admission to BBQ Fest from 11 to 1 today if you don’t feel like paying. It’s not crowded at lunchtime and you have a much better chance of being invited into booths and getting something to eat than if you go at 9 PM tonight. Take an extra long lunch, you deserve it!

We had a fun Friends & Family night in the booth last night. Double J did a fish fry for us, with grouper bites, jambalaya, and fries. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us today. I have a little bit of legit team business to take care of this morning, and of course I have to have one or two pre-festival beers at the Saucer. Should be in the booth around 12:30.