Long weekend: A relaxing Saturday

Contrary to popular belief, my life Downtown is not all about the bars. Sometimes it’s just about relaxing with friends. Yesterday was one of those days. Those turn out to be the best days. I was invited to a “kiddie pool party” on the roof of Barton Flats, a way to watch the Sunset Symphony fireworks without dealing with the crowds at Tom Lee Park. As I headed down there, I stopped by City Market for PBR. The smallest they had was an 18-pack, so I went with it.

Frank enjoying a hot dog in the pool

Chad: “Boys, why do you keep squirting my pee-pee with water guns?”

Otto (far right) explaining to us how WordPress the company works. Otto is something of a celebrity in the WordPress world and we were commenting how to us, Otto is just a normal guy. Did we call Otto normal last night? May need to re-think that.

Barton Flats sunset over the foot of Mud Island

About 10 minutes later

I knew Saturday night in the Downtown core would be a mess, with thousands of people swarming into the bars when Sunset Symphony let out. Early in the day I hatched a plan to escape south to Max’s Sports Bar. However, I never made it because my friends had an even better plan: Game night at their condo at Barton Flats. I really didn’t miss being out at all.

We played Taboo, a game where your teammates have to guess a word, based on descriptions you give. The five most common words associated with your word are listed and you can’t use them in the descriptions. So when my turn came, I was given the word “BARE.” My clue: “If you pull down a tube top, the breasts are this.” There are games I have a natural talent for (pool, poker) and games I will eternally suck at (darts, cornhole). Taboo seems to be in the first category.

The game broke up at 1:15, just in time for me to make last call at the Saucer. I shut down the Saucer, then the Blind Bear. I easily could have lost my Bear mayorship yesterday, except my competition was on the same rooftop I was. To bed at 3:20, up at 9:20, time to do it again. Skipping brunch at the Majestic this morning, because our friend in town from Mexico is cooking paella today. I’ll hit the Saucer at 12 then head over there.