Tue update: BMBF results, Arepas & Salsa, wine discounts at Blind Bear, John Lennon glass @ Saucer, Tigers’ “three big things,” electoral tie possible?, CA layoffs, stolen BBQ trailer

The results from the Best Memphis Burger competition are now live on the site. View them here. Congratulations to “I Like Big Burgers and I Can Not Lie” on their first-place win in the Best Memphis Burger category. Scores for all teams are listed in each category, and “some guys with a grill” type teams did very well against established restaurants.

The Flyer’s Hungry Memphis blog has a post about a new restaurant, Arepas & Salsa, that has opened at 662 Madison in the former Burly’s Burgers space. It is a Venezuelan restaurant, and I am quite intrigued by the picture of the sandwich with an arepa as a bun. Years ago, when I was teaching at the University of Memphis, I would walk over to the Highland Strip for lunch. For about a year there was a Colombian restaurant with very similar sandwiches. They were delicious. Delighted to have a restaurant serving arepas within trolley distance of my front door. Will have to try the place soon.

The Blind Bear is selling bottles of Buehler Chardonnay, Liberty School Cabernet, and Bear Boat Pinot Noir for $20 until they run out. These wines normally sell for $10 a glass at the Bear, so you’re getting quite a deal. Wine experts: Suggestions for which would pair best with their pepper jack mac & cheese?

Tomorrow night the Flying Saucer sells their annual tribute glass in honor of John Lennon’s birthday (actual birthday is the 9th). Here’s a pic. Glasses will go on sale at 7 PM and will run out pretty quickly.

This was all over social media yesterday, but in case you missed it: ESPN is writing “three big things” columns about men’s college basketball teams projected to be in the preseason top 20. Yesterday’s column was three big things about the Memphis Tigers. I agree with all three of these points.

This is interesting for fans of electoral math: FiveThirtyEight posted that new polls raise the possibility of an Electoral College tie. A result of 269-269 would not be good for President Obama, since the election would be thrown to the House where most state delegations are dominated by Republicans. Although these scenarios are possible, it should be noted that every one of them has the president losing Florida, where he’s currently leading in the polls.

I hate to report a couple of pieces of bad news: First of all, there were more layoffs at the Commercial Appeal yesterday. This time it was the newsroom including several senior positions. My sympathy goes out to the talented writers who are now without a paycheck, and I hope all of you get back on your feet soon. If you work for the CA and survived this round of layoffs, I strongly suggest you be proactive and get a resume together now.

My sympathy also goes out to Memphis in May BBQ team People’s Republic of Swina, who had their trailer stolen this week. The trailer took 6 months to build and was valued at $15,000. It was used for less than a year at regional competitions and BBQ Fest before being stolen.

The trailer was taken this weekend from a facility off Shelby Drive. If you have information that can help locate it, please call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

That’ll do it for now. Possibly a second news post after work.