Wed update 2: Technology, Aldo’s Pizza Pies, Memphis Beer Week @ Flying Saucer, die die die Windows XP

Technology just amazes me. Tonight I was sitting in Aldo’s Pizza Pies and I pulled up the radar on It was obvious I needed to go home IMMEDIATELY. And I did, violating my religious beliefs about finishing one’s PBR before leaving the bar. As I hustled home, I thought back to the late 1980s when I subscribed to some computer magazine. They had this thing called WeFax that you could program your home computer to receive reports from, if you felt like typing in 500 lines of BASIC code and the fact that the radar was up to 12 hours out of date. Now we just pull that up on our iPhone and it’s within a minute or two of real-time.

It was my first stop in Aldo’s in a while. Nothing against Aldo’s – it’s just hard to be Foursquare “mayor” of three other bars nearby and have time to visit much. But tonight I wanted to get closer to home before the rain, and I remembered James works Wednesdays. I ordered a PBR and a slice of sausage pizza. It was so good that after 3 bites I ordered a second slice. At $3.50 it’s one of the cheaper ways Downtown to re-fuel.

Earlier in the evening I was at the Flying Saucer. They posted their lineup of events for Memphis Beer Week. Keep in mind these are just the Saucer’s events, not the 60+ events in total happening around town. Click the image below for a larger view.

2013-04-10 19.38.45

That “Elite Beer Tasting” with brewers, bloggers, journalists, and publicans VIP tasting on the 26th looks interesting. Hey Saucer, not sure if you’re aware, but your mayor is a blogger. And he likes beer.

In tech news: Windows XP has received its death sentence. This is bad news for my netbook. I can’t see it being worth an upgrade to Windows 7, when the upgrade is practically what I paid for the netbook itself.

Thanks to the rain I get a full 8 hours’ sleep tonight. Time to go enjoy that.