Thur update 2: MATA to cut back trolley hours (affects commuters), Trayvon vigil, DMC hiring, Chris Carpenter to pitch for Redbirds

Scary drive home in the pouring rain. Water tends to pool in the right lane of northbound 240 right before the I-40 exit in Midtown. I had to slow way down to get through. I bet someone spins out in the next hour.

You may have heard that MATA plans to cut back city bus hours to reduce spending. Well, they want to cut back trolley hours too. This MBJ article has a complete list of proposed reductions in hours, but there’s one reduction that’s particularly troubling. MATA wants to change the start time of the Main Street Trolley from its current 6:25 AM time to 9 AM. That is terrible news for people who bought houses or condos or rented apartments down here planning on using the trolley to commute to work. If that change (or any of the others) affects you and you want to protest, the MBJ article linked here has info about two public meetings next week.

There will be a “Justice for Trayvon” vigil taking place at the National Civil Rights Museum this Saturday, July 20 from 11 AM to 12:30 PM. This is one of 100 vigils that will be taking place across the country at the same time.

Want to get paid to make Downtown even better? The Downtown Memphis Commission is hiring a planning and development analyst.

Three-time All-Star Chris Carpenter is set to rehab with the Redbirds this weekend. He’ll be the starting pitcher for the 6:05 game. He’s on the Cardinals’ 60-day disabled list.

I have a spare poncho left over from Memphis in May, so I’m heading out. Silly Goose is my likely first stop.