Fri update: Hulu Plus, Southern Airways Express, The Big Lebowski, MiM honors Panama, Grizzlies pre-season lineup, new uses for 100 N. Main, really bad poker tournament

Ever thought about trying Hulu Plus, the subscription service that lets you watch current episodes of your favorite TV shows online? Here’s a link that will get you two months of a free trial, rather than the standard one week.

A new airline, Southern Airways Express, flying out of DeWitt Spain Airport just north of Downtown, is expanding. The airline offers direct flights, no TSA checks, and no baggage fees. You can arrive 20 minutes before your flight leaves, and each passenger gets an iPad to use in-flight. Routes from Memphis to Atlanta and Birmingham were announced, and in the fall routes to Biloxi and Knoxville will be added.

Classic movie The Big Lebowski will be shown on the Orpheum’s big screen tonight at 7. Come early for film discussion with Craig Brewer at 6:30.

Memphis in May has announced that Panama will be the honored country in 2014. I wonder if any BBQ teams will have a canal running through their booth?

Radio host Chris Vernon announced the Grizzlies’ pre-season lineup on Twitter (@ChrisVernonShow) yesterday. We have home games on October 9 vs. the Dallas Mavericks, October 13 vs. Maccabi Haifa, October 15 vs. the Milwaukee Bucks, and October 25 vs. the Houston Rockets. Away games will be October 7th vs. the Chicago Bulls in St. Louis, October 18 at the Orlando Magic, October 20 at the Atlanta Hawks, and October 23 at the Toronto Raptors.

The MBJ reports that the 100 N. Main building, the tallest in Memphis, has several tenants leaving and could be repurposed as a mixed-use building. Residential, hotel, retail, and office space are all possibilities and the property is zoned for any of those.

I found out why my friends didn’t enjoy the 9 PM poker game they attended last Friday at Southland. It has the most God-awful structure I’ve ever heard of. $8 buy-in, with $5 rebuys if you get knocked out. Also, it’s a turbo, meaning the blinds go up every 10 minutes instead of 15. That structure just encourages players to play stupidly and to go all-in with bad cards, knowing if they are eliminated they can get back in for next to nothing. I said that bar poker was nothing like tournaments for cash in a casino setting. I stand corrected. This tournament is exactly like bar poker, except it’s for money. If you know how to play poker at all, skip this donkey-fest and play the 3 PM Saturday tournament instead ($35 buy-in, freezeout format which means there are no rebuys). Several of my friends who are good players go to that one regularly and enjoy it.

That’s the news for now. No definite plans for tonight, but one place I won’t be is Southland’s poker room.