Tue update 2: PBR news, King Kong/50 cent admission, Green Beetle to support St. Jude, food truck rodeo, new Memphis craft brewery

In my lunchtime post, I blogged that the next installment of Paul’s PBR Review might be posted tonight. However, that post is going to have to be delayed, because there’s enough news for a second Tuesday post.

The first piece of news, ironically, is PBR news. Some friends of mine were in Bardog for happy hour last night, and they report that the tavern is taking PBR off draft for a while and selling cans instead. They were finishing up the final keg about 6 PM. That’s actually fine with me, because I like PBR equally well draft or cans. I wonder if they did the switch because it’s easier to order cans for both Bardog and one of its sibling restaurants, which will be the subject of my next PBR Review.

On Friday, September 6, The Orpheum will show classic 1933 movie King Kong, personally selected by Orpheum exec Pat Halloran. In a tribute to movie prices of that era, tickets will be only 50 cents. Cash only at the ticket window that night. Concessions will be available at regular Orpheum prices. Show time is 7 PM.

On Wednesdays in September, the Green Beetle will donate a portion of its proceeds for the day to St. Jude. In addition, on those days St. Jude employees will get 25% off any meal or $2 off delivery.

On Thursday of this week there will be a food truck rodeo in Court Square. Six to eight food trucks will be there from 11 to 2.

The Fuzzy Brew blog has a look at Wiseacre Brewing Company, a new craft brewery opening in the Broad Avenue Arts District this week.

Meant to post this around 5:30 before going out. Instead it’s 10:45 and I’m home eating Dill Keema from City Market. Not a bad way to end the evening. If news comes in I’ll do a lunchtime post. If not maybe the PBR post will go up.