The best ugly sweater party outfit ever

2013-12-15 04.32.20

You know, I’m coming to the conclusion that Valerie is the best person in the entire history of the human race. Yeah, I know, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, but none of those people looked good in a tube top.

As a bonus I became “mayor” of Purple Haze last night on Foursquare. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t accomplish great things at 4:30 AM. According to Kaylea from the Blind Bear Purple Haze is “my favorite place” so I guess it is appropriate that I am mayor.

All right, Sunday news, let’s make this quick. The Grizzlies play the Minnesota Timberwolves at home at 5. Best bet is to go to the House of Grace Christmas show at the Double J this afternoon (don’t forget a toy, new women’s clothing, or a cash donation) and let Mikey give you a ride to the game in the limo. The Tri-State Defender will have a parade down Beale at 2. The Majestic Grille will host Sunday Supper & a Movie featuring “Holiday Inn” tonight at 6:30. British Invasion cover band Jeffrey & the Pacemakers will play Huey’s at 8:30.

As for me, I’ll start the day at the Bear at noon, head over to the Saucer around 2 when Wingsauce will be bartending, back to the Bear for poker at 6:30, and if I get knocked out early I’ll check out the band at Huey’s. Sunday Fun Day y’all.