Wed update: New Corner Bar specials, college basketball recruitment map, vote for Copeland Coaching, Fix the TN beer cap

The Peabody’s Corner Bar has revised its happy hour specials, which run from 5 to 7 PM Monday-Thursday. They have something different each night. Here’s the lineup:

– Monday is 3×3 Monday Mania, with a selection of martinis, margaritas, and mojitos for $3 each.

– Tuesday is Blues, Brews, and Booze for Tennessee Tuesdays with a selection of Tennessee beers and spirits for $3 each. The options change but examples from last night include Yazoo Hop Project #73 and Prichard’s Fine Run. There is live blues music.

– Wednesday is Winedown Wednesday with a selection of house reds and whites for $2.50, $5, and $7 each.

-Thursday is Girls’ Night Out with a selection of pink drinks for $3.

Former CA writer Dan Wolken (@DanWolken on Twitter) tweeted a very interesting map: Where college basketball teams recruit. You can filter by conference, team, or position.

I’ve been forgetting to ask my readers to follow this link and vote for Copeland Coaching to receive a $25,000 small business grant. I’ve mentioned my friend Angie Copeland, who has been mentoring job seekers for 9 years, a few times on this blog. I’ve known her for the entire time she has been coaching and she is a valuable resource to turn to for advice. If you would take a minute to vote for Angie I would appreciate it very much.

With recent law changes in Mississippi, Tennessee has the most restrictive beer cap in the Southeast. Anything over 5% ABV brewed in Tennessee is considered liquor by the state. This hurts area brewers because some of their best craft brews are well above 5%. Find out how you can help fix the beer cap here.

The Memphis Flyer 20 Under 30 issue is out. I haven’t seen the full list yet, but congratulations to radio host Chris Vernon’s sidekick Jon Roser on his inclusion. Roser is one of the people who keeps it real in Memphis.

I notched a win at the Tuesday night Blind Bear Texas Hold’em game. It was a weird night. We had flops of 3-3-3 twice in one night, very unusual. I had starting hands of 7-2, 7-3, 7-4, and 7-3 in a row. Those are among the worst hands in full-table Hold’em and it’s amazing that I won given all the garbage I was dealt. However, I was also dealt pocket Kings a couple of times and those helped a lot. I added another $50 gift card to my stash, although the real value of poker night is all the wonderful friends I have made there, much more so than the prize winnings. By the way, the rumor that I bought a round of pepper jack mac & cheese for the bar with the $50 is not true.

In case you missed my morning update, don’t forget that there’s some great music on Beale tonight at the IBC! $10 wristbands!