In lieu of a blog post today…

I would like to ask you all to read this story.

Untapped!: Life returns to the Tennessee Brewery for six weeks. Is this the last hurrah for the historic building or the start of something new?

Please support Untapped as often as you can for its 6-week run.

Reading this article made me understand the project a lot better than I did before. It’s important that the investors in this six-week project turn a profit for two reasons:

1) It will demonstrate to potential investors that the brewery can be re-opened on a small scale profitably;

2) It will demonstrate that this tactic can be used in other historical buildings in Memphis facing demolition to possibly save them too.

It would be nice if both objectives are met, but if either is, it’s a win for Untapped. Again, please support this. What a very cool, community-driven project. I wish I lived in South Main so I could hang out there every day. I will get down there as often as I can.