Tue update: South Main sidewalks, World Cup, Hard Rock Cafe, High Cotton taproom, Nuh-Uh Brother in town, City Market salad dressing, BMBF application

Good news for South Mainers: Paul Morris who runs DMC tweeted “I love the smell of a new sidewalk in the morning,” along with a photo of the Main Street sidewalk between Butler and G.E. Patterson being reconstructed. I know a lot of South Mainers had complained about the raggedy condition of the sidewalks for a while. This should make them happy.

For those of you into soccer: FiveThirtyEight’s crib notes for World Cup Day 19. The statistics are not looking good for the USA team. Also from FiveThirtyEight: Chart to predict winner of penalty-kick shootouts

Hard Rock Cafe opens to the public in its new 126 Beale location Thursday. The MBJ has video of the new location.

The FuzzyBrew beer blog has a good post about High Cotton’s new taproom.

The Nuh-Uh Brother is in town speaking to the startups of our BBQ team sponsor Start Co. today. When you’re starting up a business, money is tight. I’m sure the Nuh-Uh Brother will have many valuable tips on how his sister the Nuh-Uh Girl saves money by bumming free food from grocery store samplings, tastings, and friends’ plates all over Silicon Valley. He will also speak on his time at Facebook and the current startup scene.

Speaking of tastings: City Market is having tastings for gourmet salad dressings for its new salad bar that is coming very soon. Stop by today, tomorrow, or Thursday and have a taste.

In case you missed my earlier post: Here’s a link to the cooking application for this year’s Best Memphis Burger Fest.

Melissa had a tube top on last night at happy hour at Bardog, but I didn’t get a pic. Sorry.

I’ll be out at the usual places after work. If more news comes in I’ll do a second post.