Wed update #2: Graceland/Elvis’ planes, possible Brewery Untapped news, new club going into former Club Crave, WWE film crew coming to town

For thirty years, guests at Graceland have been able to see two jets that were once owned by Elvis, the Lisa Marie and the Hound Dog II. However, Graceland plans to remove the planes by spring and a lot of people are not happy. There’s a Keep Elvis’s The Lisa Marie at Graceland Facebook page you can “like” for updates.

Possible good news: Brewery Untapped may be back this fall. Keep in mind that this is a big MAYBE. A Halloween event there would be very cool.

A building I’m less happy to see occupied again is 380 Beale. The space formerly occupied by Club Crave is being redeveloped as, you guessed it, another nightclub. It’s said to be “a very different type of club” than what Crave was, but haven’t we heard that before? I think a wrecking ball and some bulldozers would do a fantastic job remodeling 380 Beale.

WWE is sending a film crew to Memphis on Thursday, July 10. They plan to film a day in the life of Jerry “The King” Lawler, probably for content on their new WWE Network. Lawler will be main-eventing Memphis Wildfire Wrestling that night at Minglewood Hall, facing opponent “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner. I’m a big fan of “The King” and he and I share an appreciation of 20-year-olds in tube tops.

I’ll have the review of Craig David Meek’s book up tomorrow, so check back.