July 4 update: Another stupid MATA decision, paid family leave, Bardog, Facebook tip for restaurant specials, the #1 fashion blog in Memphis, and more

I slept in a bit this morning, getting up about an hour and 15 minutes later than usual. I got on Facebook and one of my friends on there shared a video with the comment, “I had to delete old and repost PG13 version.” Dammit! I’m never sleeping late again.

If you’re coming Downtown for the fireworks today, don’t depend on the green buses that are trolley substitutes to get you around the area. In a typically stupid move, MATA has the buses running a Sunday schedule today, with the Main Street Trolley running 10 to 10, the Riverfront trolley running 10 to 6, and the Madison line not running at all. MATA just doesn’t seem to care about its customers one bit. Sometimes I think the city should de-fund MATA and instead use the money as seed money for private companies who could do bus and trolley service better. They sure couldn’t do it any worse!

Geez… I kinda sounded like a Republican in that last paragraph… pretty scary.

Getting back to political views you’re more accustomed to seeing on this blog: From the Daily Beast: Hillary Clinton’s golden ticket to the White House is paid family leave. Totally agree. It’s not something I will ever have to worry about, but I have seen female friends of mine put themselves through financial hardship because they had to take unpaid leave to have a baby. It seems really unfair. As the article points out, France mandates 16 paid weeks leave and Germany 14.

Work let us go early yesterday, so I stopped by Bardog for some bonus Panda time. They just got a pasta-making machine in the kitchen and were trying all kinds of things out. They brought me a sample of what I guess was ravioli with one of Aldo’s grandma’s meatballs inside. Needless to say, it was delicious. Chef John is going to have fun with his new toy.

Facebook tip: If you “like” your favorite restaurants on Facebook and they post daily specials, you might not see them because not everything a page posts gets in everyone’s news feed. However, what you can do is visit the page, mouse over “Liked,” and click “Get Notifications” from the menu that appears. Then you will get a notification every time the restaurant posts. I have used this lately to keep up with the Slice of the Day at Aldo’s Pizza Pies.

A few days ago I took a “What career SHOULD you have?” quiz on Facebook, and got fashion designer. I got a good laugh out of that, but then I realized it does make a little sense. After all, from Memorial Day weekend through July 4 weekend every year I write the #1 fashion blog in Memphis. Yesterday one of our favorite bartenders got invited to the same July 4 event I will be attending today, and was told “dress appropriately.” She asked, “So I should wear a tube top then?” I’m glad to have such a positive influence on the city’s fashion.

I can’t post my exact plans for this evening because we don’t want a turd in the punch bowl, but if you’re curious hit me up on text or Facebook. If you come Downtown for fireworks tonight, be safe. Walk where it’s well lit, walk in groups, and don’t take shortcuts down alleys. Time to hit Publish and do a little day drinking at the Saucer and the ‘dog in preparation for tonight.