Tue update: Riverside Drive meeting, important bacon news, Grizzlies license plate, cat circus, new NCRM leader, bad decisions by social networks, Aldo’s

If you have feedback about the recent switch of Riverside Drive from 4 lanes for vehicles to 2, don’t forget that there’s a community meeting about the street tonight. It’s at Beale Street Landing, 251 S. Riverside Drive, at 6:00 this evening.

Important bacon news: There will be a bacon lovers’ Dishcrawl at three restaurants in Memphis on August 13.

The Grizzlies have announced an official Memphis Grizzlies Tennessee license plate. They need 1000 pre-sale orders for the plates to be produced, and once they have the 1000 it will take 4-5 months to produce the plates.

Speaking of the Grizzlies, they’ve dropped the “interim” from Chris Wallace’s general manager title, and signed him to a long-term extension. A good move.

Local cat lady @stephMEM tweeted some exciting news yesterday. A cat circus is coming to Memphis this fall. It will be in the Evergreen Theatre in Midtown in November. Cats will push shopping carts, ride skateboards, and perform other tricks. Also a band made up of cats will perform.

Also in November, Terri Lee Freeman will take over as president of the National Civil Rights Museum. It sounds like they made an excellent hire, someone who will work to increase national and international awareness of the museum.

Social networks screwing up their apps, part 1: Facebook is moving all messaging to its Messenger app. If you try to send messages via Facebook’s mobile app, you’ll be told to go download Messenger. Not a big fan of this decision.

Nor am I a fan of something Foursquare did. It is now forcing users to switch to Swarm to check in. That I don’t mind, but Foursquare went and screwed up the best thing it had going: mayorships. There is no more “mayor” concept, in that the person who checked in the most at a place over the past 60 days became mayor. Instead you get a crown sticker for having checked in the most days of any of your friends. So my 2+ year reigns as mayor of Flying Saucer and Blind Bear have come to an end. BOOOOOOO!!!!

The Midtown Aldo’s Pizza Pies that is opening soon will have a rooftop patio.

That’ll do it for now. Back this evening or tomorrow with more news.