Wed update: BOM vote, karaoke, sandlot baseball, more on pop-up fitness park, Riverside Drive

Today is the last day to vote in the Memphis Flyer’s Best of Memphis poll. Don’t miss your chance to make your voice heard in Memphis’ most respected “best of” poll.

There’s karaoke at the Mad Earl tonight at 9. Normally I wouldn’t encourage that kind of thing Downtown, but a friend of mine’s sister is running it. Maybe Robo and Katie Mac can do a duet of a Neil Diamond song. I’m sure it will sound like the noise a cat makes when someone steps on its tail.

Sandlot Memphis is hosting a second sandlot game between Downtown and Midtown on August 24. Midtown beat Downtown 6-5 in the first one and Downtown is looking for some revenge.

Last night I blogged about the Grizzlies’ plan for a pop-up fitness park at Tom Lee Park. Not only would there be exercise stations (to be designed with the help of Envision Fitness), but there would be a soccer field and beach volleyball court as well. Very cool!

Grizzlies staff: You realize you have access to a resource who is an expert at moving equipment into Tom Lee Park, right? Feel free to call on the services of “Mr. Load-in” if you want. I would be happy to sit at the Flying Saucer drinking a Dos Equis Lager while I direct the unloading process remotely via iPhone or laptop. I would also be happy to run errands for you. For example, you could send me to Bardog to confirm that the PBR there is sufficiently cold. I’m here for you!

From WREG: People sound off on changes to Riverside Drive

From Mashable: Bull tramples, almost kills man trying to take selfie in France. Dumbass.

I’m just a few hours away from a long weekend. I plan to get a bit wild and take the filter completely off the next four days. Kind of like I did at BBQ Fest, but minus all the hard work I had to put in during the load-in process. Expect some interesting blog, Facebook, and Twitter updates. I’ll kick it off around 5:30 tonight at Jessica’s bar at the Silly Goose. Get the Fireball ready!