Terrible college team logos and Thursday news

Last night I was sitting at the bar at the Silly Goose, and the Northern Illinois vs. Ball State football game was on. Ball State’s mascot is the Cardinals, and I couldn’t help but notice something.

First of all, have a look at the Arizona Cardinals logo. Nice looking bird, yes?

Now look at the Louisville Cardinals logo. Again, very sharp, very professional.

And now look at the Ball State logo. How much do you think they paid a graphic designer to create that logo? Ten dollars? Maybe? It’s just awful. I have minimal design skills, but give me a copy of Illustrator and a few hours and I could make something better than that. I mean, I know Ball State’s athletic program doesn’t have the revenue of an NFL team or a major college sports team, but damn, they couldn’t even afford the extra color to make the bird’s beak yellow. Ever seen a cardinal with a white beak? Maybe it’s an albino cardinal. I rooted for Northern Illinois because I assume Ball State sucks as much as its logo.

Holly has a list of places that will be open on Thanksgiving. Many (but not all) Downtown bars open late afternoon and stay open until regular closing time.

From the MBJ: 85, 87, and 91 S. Second will be renovated into 16 apartments and two restaurant spaces. I believe that is the former Pancho’s location.

Want to be the first to check out Memphis Made Brewing Co.’s new tap room? Come to this Church Health Center event there on Monday, November 10 from 5:30 to 7:30. The event is free and the first 100 will receive a free beer.

If you own an iOS device, Microsoft Office apps are now free. Free versions will be coming to Android early next year.

St. Jude Christmas tribute cards are now available here.

Aldo’s Pizza Pies has announced a new meal deal: During any Grizzlies or NFL game, get a large one-topping pizza for $16.99.

Way too much news to get online on a lunch break, so there may be a second post after work.