Drinking game

This weekend I was thinking, I wonder if anyone has ever made a drinking game about my blog/Facebook statues/life? So this morning I woke  up a little early and made a list.

Mentions PBR – 1 drink
Mentions tube tops – 1 drink, 2 if it’s during Tube Top Month
Mentions the Nuh-Uh Girl – 1 drink
Posts pic of the Nuh-Uh Girl eating – 5 drinks
Posts pic of the Nuh-Uh Girl NOT eating – 20 drinks
Mentions any of the following bars: Flying Saucer, Blind Bear, Bardog Tavern, Silly Goose, Max’s Sports Bar – 1 drink

Mentions any of the following: Panda Time, Melissa Monday, D-RANKS with B-RAD, librarian glasses – 1 drink
Mentions Brooke – 5 ounce Fireball shot
Pro wrestling reference – 1 drink, 2 if Ric Flair is mentioned
Mentions the BBQ team – 1 drink
Refers to self as “Mr. Load-in” or “Moody Ques workhorse” – 2 drinks
Mentions that my team won a trophy in 2014 and Squeal Street did not – 3 drinks
Mentions that my BBQ team owns a flamethrower – 4 drinks
(I mentioned the flamethrower :mrgreen: )
Photo of my BBQ team’s booth – 5 drinks
Photo of my BBQ team’s booth and there’s food in it – chug
Uses the word “shitshow” – 1 drink
Uses the word “dranks” – 1 drink
Chair dancing – 1 drink
Mentions the Arkansas Razorbacks -1 drink
Mentions how much I hate Bruce Pearl – 1 drink
Mentions how much I hate UT and/or Ole Miss – 1 drink
Mentions poker – 1 drink
Wins poker night – 3 drinks
Wins poker league final table – 10 drinks
Posts pic of gong won at poker league final table – 20 drinks
PBR hoodie – 1 drink
Mentions how many plates I have at Flying Saucer – 1 drink for each plate, currently 8
Sleep Out Louie’s reference – 1 drink
Travels east of Danny Thomas on the weekend – 5 drinks
Travels east of East Parkway on the weekend – 25 drinks
Gets rained on at a Memphis in May event – 10 drinks, 20 if Music Fest
Mentions the creepy guy who shows up at the same places I do – 1 drink, plus an additional one for every time he says “Well, you know…” or “ONE… more.”
Mentions cougars – 1 drink
Posts Flying Saucer selfie with object balanced on head – 10 drinks
Posts pic of Blind Bear crawfish mac – 2 drinks, 4 if there’s also a PBR in the photo
Posts pic of Majestic Grille filet – 2 drinks, 4 if there’s also a PBR in the photo
Posts pic of self dressed up as a Saucer girl – drink until blind
Mentions “halftime” nap – 1 drink, 2 if I fail to wake up from the nap until the next morning
Posts pic taken on any rooftop – 1 drink
Shows up to first bar of the day on Saturday/Sunday with wet hair – 1 drink
Drinks Miller High Life pony at Cafe Keough – 1 drink
Wears Ickey Woods “get some cold cuts” shirt – 1 drink
Posts Wine Race photos – 1 drink, 5 drinks if there are wardrobe malfunctions
Call-a-Cab (the Wet Willie’s drink) – 3 drinks
Mountain Dew -1 drink
Mountain Dew Kickstart – 2 drinks
Mentions Romanian girls -1 drink
Posts “ROMANIAN GYMNASTS!!!!!” during the Summer Olympics – 3 drinks
Air Traffic Mike comments “Well, you know…” on my Facebook status (just to clarify, he isn’t the creepy guy I referred to earlier) – 1 drink
Orders ranch instead of ketchup – 1 drink
Mentions panhandlers – 1 drink
Mentions bacon – 1 drink
Mentions Fireball – 1 drink
That’s all I can think of for now. Will add to the list later. Probably back at lunchtime with a post.