Thur update 2: Beale on national TV tomorrow, free yoga at Brewery Revival, I-55 closure and more

The blog was off to a slow start this week, but things are rolling now. Got some pretty interesting news items for this second Thursday post.

The biggest news is that Beale Street will be on national TV tomorrow evening. Championship women’s boxing in Handy Park will be broadcast on CBS at 7 PM. It marks the return of women’s boxing to the major national networks.

There will be a free yoga class at Tennessee Brewery Revival Saturday morning at 9:30. It’s hosted by Luluemon Athletics and looking at the Facebook event listing, I see that more than FOUR HUNDRED people are listed as attending. Can the brewery even hold that many people? Class will happen rain or shine.

My BBQ teammate Otto made a good point about TDOT closing the I-55 river bridge for nine months in 2017, a point I hadn’t previously thought of: That is going to jam up Riverside Drive. Southbound will be jammed with people getting off 40 trying to get to 55 South. Northbound will be jammed with people coming off 55 South trying to get to 40. City planners: I suggest you keep Riverside 4 lanes until that construction is over.

Know who I bet will be real happy about the I-55 bridge closing? Bass Pro.

However, the MBJ thinks the French Fort neighborhood will be the big winner of the bridge closure. A roundabout will be built that will connect the neighborhood, south of Crump and including the Metal Museum, to the rest of Downtown.

The Flyer has a great article about the final Sunset Symphony.

Random fact I learned from @HistoryInPix today: The most flowers sold in one day in United States history were sold the day after Elvis died.

The Grizzlies will have a social media tent at Italian Fest where you can get your photo taken with life-size cutouts of the starting five.

I tried a beginner yoga class at Midtown Yoga in 2003, and let’s just say the result was pretty damn ugly, so don’t expect to see me at the brewery Saturday morning. However, DO expect to see me at the brewery in about 45 minutes! Friends of mine in town from Chicago are having a little get-together with their Memphis friends. Not only do I want to see them, but it doesn’t take much of a reason to get me to the brewery (provided beer is involved and exercise is not). If you’re headed that way, I will see you down there!