Seven at Saucer (Wed update #2)

Tonight my trivia team not only won best team name at the Blind Bear, but we won the whole damn shebang too. I thought it was the first time ever I have been on a team that won best name, but I was informed it happened last weekend too. Fair enough. There were a lot of shots last Wednesday.

Charles incorrectly quoted a Fireball sale price at $5 and my fav pair of librarian glasses corrected him to $3. “$5 for Fireball is kind of a rip-off,” Charles said. “SEVEN AT SAUCER!!!!” I replied. Hi Kirk!

Back to Blind Bear… while we’re on the subject, Pam & Terry play tomorrow night, Thursday September 24, at 10:00. Come check them out.

Chef Michael Patrick of Rizzo’s posted this afternoon that he had an incredible Pulled Pork Enchilada Omelet at Bedrock Eats at Main and Vance. When someone with that kind of culinary credibility compliments food, you need to take notice.

There has been a rumor going around that plans to revitalize the French Fort neighborhood south of Crump will include moving the Metal Museum to a new location. Developer Chooch Pickard got on Facebook today and said that rumor is completely, 100% false. The museum will not move from its current building.

Very cool: The Pope is ditching Congress to have lunch with the homeless. It’s a reminder that the church exists for the poor.

The past few days I’ve gotten robo-calls from scammers from local numbers starting with the same first three digits as my own number. Beware of taking calls of this type from numbers that are not in your Contacts.

From the CA… ArtSpace pushes toward the finish line. Live/work space in South Main for artists.

Home from the bars. Rare before-bed post but there was a lot of news today. Celebrating being almost entirely transparent on here and on social media and owning who I am. In general, WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get with me. That’s how I prefer to live my life. Off to bed.