Wednesday morning update

I came across a great website, Make Memphis, whose slogan is “Shepherding Ideas into Action.” Recent posts have featured two people I know personally, and I thought I would share the links.

I first met Mark Akin at a P-Funk concert at the Gibson Lounge in 2003. He was bartending one of the outdoor bars. He told me about the band he played in at the time, and years later I found myself sitting at his bar at the Majestic Grille often. Mark is now the co-owner of Envision Memphis, the gym on the top floor of the Cadre Building. Mark wrote a post for Make Memphis on how a change in attitude can change everything.

Frank Rouse found a way to combine his love for biking with his love for Memphis by becoming a leader in Urban Bicycle Food Ministry. The ministry makes nutritious burritos to hand out to anyone who is hungry, particularly the homeless. The volunteers ride their bikes to get around town quickly and to make personal contact with their audience easy.

Here’s the the menu at the Calvary Waffle Shop, which operates Tuesdays-Fridays during Lent (this year through March 18) at Calvary Episcopal Church, 102 N. Second.

Starting March 5, the Cossitt Library at Front and Monroe will be open Saturdays from 10 AM to 5 PM. There will be no change to the hours for the library the other days of the week. Jamie Griffin has been the library’s manager for about a year, and and has done a great job improving library services. Expect several concerts on the promenade behind the library in the months to come.

Olate Dogs, winners of America’s Got Talent, will perform live during the halftime show of the Grizzlies-Lakers game tonight. Last chance to see Kobe play in person in Memphis.

Dessert suggestion: Fireball cheesecake shots

Possibly another post later today, so check back.