Friday morning update

Here’s a sneak preview of the third piece of Mt. Grizzmore, Zach Randolph, to be given away at the Friday, March 4 Grizzlies game at FedExForum. The first two pieces, Tony Allen and Mike Conley, have already been given away, with the Marc Gasol piece yet to come.

If you missed the Olate Dogs performance at halftime at the game against the L.A. Lakers Wednesday, the NBA has a video.

The Memphis Symphony Orchestra performs Messiah tonight at the Cannon Center at 7:30.

This is really cool: An ioby fundraiser to help send high school students on college tours. To many high school students, college seems like something scary, something that is beyond their set of options in life. The college tours will make college seem more “real” to these students and hopefully make them realize that it indeed can be one of their options.

Blair Tower at 810 Washington is being redeveloped, but there’s South Main district news as well. The owner of Blair Tower wants to develop a new 160-apartment complex near Spaghetti Warehouse.

University of Memphis students: You can catch a ride Downtown to FedExForum Sunday for the Tigers men’s basketball team Senior Day. Here’s how:

From Bleacher Report: Should Butch Jones’s job be on the line if it is found that he helped enable a rapey culture at the University of Tennessee, and that he did indeed call one of his players “a traitor to the team” for helping a woman who said that two other UT football players raped her? Here’s an interesting quote from the article:

Jones has much more incentive to lie in order to protect his job, while Bowles lying in a sworn affidavit would almost certainly bring a perjury charge against him. Because of that, Jones looks horrible in this situation.

As the article points out, this is turning into a high stakes game of he said/she said. One party goes to jail if they are lying; if it’s the other party, they lose a career. I continue to think Tennessee should be kicked out of the SEC (at least for football) if the allegations are found to be true. Let the Vols join the Sun Belt Conference and look forward to a big rivalry game with Troy every Thanksgiving. Better yet, send the Vols to Conference USA…

Memphis Made Brewing Co. out in Cooper-Young has free brewery tours Saturday and Sunday at 4 PM where you can learn about the beer you drink. I have been given the tour and it’s pretty neat.

We have a bum Downtown called Mouthwash because he panhandles money to buy mouthwash at Family Dollar. Why mouthwash? It has a higher alcohol content than the rotgut liquor sold around the corner at CeCe’s. He’s a value drinker. Let’s hope no one tells him about the latest trend in Sweden: Getting drunk off hand sanitizer. Some teens are even mixing hand sanitizer cocktails.

Off to work. Back later today or tomorrow with more news.