Tuesday update #2

In case you didn’t end your day on a highlight yesterday, Scott Van Pelt of ESPN devoted his 1 Big Thing segment to the Grizzlies last night. SVP: “You can honor yourselves in defeat. The Grizzlies did.” Completely agree. Congratulations Grizzlies, because given what you had to work with, you exceeded expectations.

Hot Rods on Beale starts tonight at 6. It will happen the 4th Tuesday of every month through the fall.

Jerry “The King” Lawler’s new bar opens at 159 Beale this Friday with my friend Eric Hughes playing there from 5 to 8. There will be Slamburgers, Pile Driver drinks, and plenty of wrestling memorabilia.

Felicia Suzanne’s has added a Grit Bowl to its menu, with organic stone ground Hanna Farm Grits, brown butter, and Bonnie Blue feta.

Details of Tubby Smith’s contract with the University of Memphis have been released. Like Pastner, he will get 100% of his buyout if fired without cause, but there are no rollover clauses. In other Tiger news, the NCAA is expected to make a rule change Thursday that will allow Keelon Lawson to be reassigned to a non-coaching role, keeping his sons Dedric and K.J. here in Memphis.

I have posted trophy photos from Southaven on the Moody Ques website. Team members – check your email please. If you did not get an email last night email paul@paulryburn.com and I will fix it.

I posted this morning before work, so scroll down to read more Tuesday news. Leaning toward a lead-off at Brass Door for happy hour, then will decide my next stop after that.