Sat update: A birthday, an interesting book signing, the presidential candidates’ Mendacity Meter and more

Normally I wouldn’t lead off a blog post with news of a non-Downtown business, but this time I am making an exception. Mark your calendars: Two weeks from today, Saturday, August 6, The Slider Inn celebrates its 5th birthday. The Slider Inn is the sister restaurant of Downtown bars Bardog Tavern and Aldo’s Pizza Pies, and it has one of the best patios in Memphis. All the local breweries will be serving beer on the patio, and there will be bobbing for beer, live music, cornhole, and $3 mini-slushies. Contest with details to be announced at a later date. Us Downtowners may have to get together to split a Lyft or Uber out there to see our “DAWG” John D in his native habitat. For those of you who rarely get out of Downtown, the Slider Inn is at the corner of Peabody and Cooper.

Next Friday at South Main Trolley Night, South Main Book Juggler will host a signing of what sounds like a really good book, Run for Freedom. Here’s a summary from the event’s Facebook page:

Run for Freedom, a Historical Paranormal Romance follows two runaway slaves—
Freedom and her twin brother Triumph.
The author asks the question, “Are you willing to die for a fleeting chance at
life?” The choice was to run for freedom or die never having been valued as a human—as a woman. The penalty was the same—death!

The signing will be 6-8 PM on Friday, July 29.

The Brass Door is accepting applications for servers Monday and Tuesday from 10 AM to 3 PM. Applicants must have server experience, a current ABC card, and transportation. They are asking that you apply in person; no phone calls.

Tickets are now on sale for the Mid-South Pride Fest Pride Concert at Handy Park on Friday, September 23 from 7 to 10 PM. Seeing Red, Tori WhoDat and DJ Spaceage will perform. The event will be hosted by Freak Nasty. $5 in advance or $10 at the door.

A study was done of all the 2016 presidential candidates and President Obama, examining 50 statements that were made since 2007 as to what degree of truth or lies was in them. Folks, I present to you what I like to call the “Mendacity Meter.” The statements are graded as “Pants on Fire” (as in “Liar, liar, pants on fire”), False, Mostly False, Half True, Mostly True, or True.

Hillary Clinton is often called a liar, but the study shows that label may not be accurate. Not only is she near the bottom of the chart (where top of the chart is “biggest liar,” but she actually scored better than Bernie Sanders (although it was close, and Sanders was the only one to have no “Pants on Fire” in the chart at all).

As for who lies the most, c’mon, do I even have to tell you? Hint: He gave a speech Thursday night.

As for who lies the least, if you like your president the way you like your coffee (strong and black) I think you will be pleased.

Jeb and Kasich were rated the most honest Republicans.

It’s a telling sign of American politics that no candidate got much beyond the 50% line with “mostly true” and “true” statements.

Too bad there isn’t a Mendacity Meter for Downtown locals…

The Downtown Neighborhood Association has two events coming up next week. On Tuesday they will have the monthly meeting, this month at Spindini. Speakers will include Lynn Sitler, Memphis & Shelby County Film Commissioner, and Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell. Social time at 5:45, Sitler speaks at 6:10, Luttrell at 6:45.

Then on Thursday, it will be DNA’s monthly happy hour, this month at the Hard Rock Cafe. No agenda, just social time with your neighbors. Non-DNA members are always welcome at the happy hours. 6 PM is the start time.

In a post later this weekend: An insider tip on how to get the most enjoyment out of an upcoming event. Be sure to check back. I’ll give you a hint: It’s a tip the Nuh-Uh Girl would use if she were in town.

Keeping an eye on the weather, but as of right now it looks like I am safe to walk to the Memphis Farmers Market here in a bit. Still on a search for mint, and of course I will hit the food trucks. Back tomorrow with more news.

Friday update

The Redbirds are having another premium giveaway at tomorrow night’s game. The first 1500 in the park get a Stephen Piscotty bobblehead, commemorating the time the former Minor League Player of the Year spent with the Redbirds. There will be postgame fireworks after the game. First pitch at 6:35, and gates open at 5:00.

Also, the Redbirds will have a special ticket that includes an all-you-can-eat buffet for the Thursday, July 28 game. On the menu for this game: Hot dogs. $12 bluff, $17 field box, $20 dugout.

If you like burgers, you’ll like the Green Beetle’s new punch cards. Try all of their burgers, and when you’re done the Beetle will buy you whichever is your favorite.

From the Memphis Flyer: The new Memphis Animal Services director’s plan to turn the shelter around. Alexis Pugh is the person we have been needing in charge of the shelter for years now. Excellent hire, Mayor Strickland.

My friend who runs restaurants at the airport is looking for a Food & Beverage Manager. If interested email me at and I will put you in touch.

The third edition of Drafts and Laughs comes to Memphis Made Brewing Co. at 7:30 Thursday, July 28. It will be presented by Comma Comedians. Enter through the York Avenue door.

The MBJ has an article about the food hall that will go in at 409 South Main. It will have tenant space on the second floor and event space on the third floor.

Great move by the Grizzlies on signing former Memphis Tiger D.J. Stephens to a partially guaranteed 2 year contract. Congrats to D.J. on making it to the big leagues!

The Madison Growler Shop inside the Cash Saver will be doing a Ghost River beer tasting tomorrow from 4 to 7.

The activist who linked arms with MPD Interim Director Michael Rallings the night of the bridge shut down has been charged with filing a false police report. No matter who you are, lying to the police is a bad idea.

From Mashable’s MashTalk: How can Twitter solve its troll problem? Don’tcha just hate those crazy trolls!

More news about The Edge District: The Daily News reports that the intersection of Union and Marshall will soon be reconfigured. The city wants to make it more tourist-friendly and it may have some kind of gateway denoting Sun Studio’s place in the history of rock & roll.

The Po’Boys play the Dirty Crow Inn tomorrow night, Saturday, July 23, at 9 PM.

That’s the news for now. Everyone take it easy on this hot, hot, hot day. Drink lots of water and stay in the A/C whenever possible. Back later today or tomorrow with more news.


Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups

Or perhaps I should say, groups of 4… but enough about that, on to the news…

MissUsed headlines the Peabody rooftop party tonight. Doors open at 6, entertainment at 7, $10 cover, first 200 ladies free. Admission includes a buffet of pigs in a blanket and potato chips. If you’re in VIP, you get a second buffet of Chicago, New York, and Memphis hot dogs. Cherry margaritas are the drink special with an additional special of pineapple passion punch in VIP.

While we’re on the subject of the Peabody, check out these new offerings from Chez Phillipe:

Not sure of the pricing but I am pretty sure “Dollar Value Menu” does not appear anywhere on the page where these are listed.

WEVL Blues on the Bluff is this Saturday. Bring your lawn chair to the Metal Museum grounds and come hear the Maitre D’s, a Booker T & the MGs tribute band, along with the Bo-Keys and the Garry Burnside Band. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be sold, and the Food Geek truck will be there. Schlafly is the beer sponsor. Silent auction at 9:30. Buy advance tickets here. Music starts at 6 PM.

A couple of days ago, I wished the Urban Bicycle Food Ministry a happy 4th birthday. Want to support the ministry but don’t have a bike or a backpack? Make plans to eat breakfast on September 24.

The “Best of” poll that really matters in Memphis, the Memphis Flyer poll, is now open for voting. Unlike other polls in Memphis, this is not a marketing gimmick, and you can only vote once (not once per day or once per hour).

South Main Songwriters Night is back tomorrow from 7 to 9 PM at 550 S. Main. Ronnie Caldwell, Don Singleton, Gary Adair, and RT Scott will perform.

If you’re a big fan of fresh produce as I am, you should consider signing up for Bring It Food Hub’s fall CSA (community-supported agriculture). Every week from September 6 to November 18 (my birthday!) you get a bag of fresh, locally-grown veggies. There are convenient pickup points around town including Bring It’s headquarters at 694 Madison in The Edge District.

10 Things I Hate About You plays at the Halloran Centre tonight as part of the Orpheum’s Summer Movie Series. Come early for a special throwback prom and an appearance by FM100’s Michelle Lewis.

The Memphis Farmers Market’s annual tomato tasting contest happens this Saturday. From 9:30 to 10:30, you will be able to blind-taste tomatoes from the Market’s vendors, and vote for your favorite. The UT Extension of Agriculture will demo making peach parfaits at 10, 10:30, and 11. Live music by Justin Bloss 8:30 to 10 and Lydia Waldrop 11 to 12:30. The Market happens every Saturday, 7 AM to 1 PM, under the pavilion at Front and GE Patterson. 9:30 to 10:30 is exactly the time frame when I usually go, so I guess I will be tasting some tomatoes Saturday!

The Most Amazing Race, presented by City Auto, is coming to Downtown August 20.

Kane Brown and Jordan Allena play KIX on Beale at Handy Park tonight at 7:30. Free all-ages show.

Back in the winners’ circle at trivia last night!

2016-07-20 22.37.00

While we were playing, a group of UT fans came in and sang Rocky Top. They said they were there for a going-away party. I fully supported their cause, because no one wished they would go away more than I.

The AP Stylebook folks have announced that it is now correct to not capitalize “dumpster.” So it is now correct to say “I’d vote for a dumpster fire before either of the two leading candidates,” rather than “Dumpster fire.”

Time to hit Publish and find some lunch. I may be back with a second post later today.

Wednesday update

This morning I walked by a soon-to-come restaurant called The Lighthouse in the ground floor of the Lincoln-American Tower. They had the menu posted in the window, so I took a pick (click to see in a larger size, should be readable at that resolution):

Photo Jul 20, 7 45 12 AM

Also I noticed this morning that the donut shop at 8 S. Main now sells ice cream.

I saw this in a tweet and it seemed like something worth recommending: TrackR. It’s a quarter-sized device you can attach things you are prone to lose, and then find them with your phone. You can even put a TrackR on your dog’s collar to help find your dog if he or she goes missing

Bluff City Coffee will begin hiring kitchen and barista positions beginning August 1. Send resumes to

Scott Southworth is back at the Green Beetle Tuesday, July 26 from 6:30 to 8:30. He’ll be playing for MIFA’s Meals on Wheels program, with 100% of the tip jar and 50% of CD sales going to Meals on Wheels.

The Dirty Crow Inn has a jalapeño batter corn dog special this week.

Loflin Yard has announced their band lineup for this week. Southern Avenue plays tomorrow, The Maitre D’s Friday, Grassfire Saturday, and Tennessee Ripple Sunday.

Jerry Lawler’s Bar & Grill on Beale will have a special guest this weekend: Ol’ Banana Nose himself, Lance Russell! The man who was the co-announcer of Saturday morning Memphis wrestling for many years will make two appearances at The King’s place. Friday he will be there from 1 to 4 in the afternoon with Dave Brown, and Saturday he will have a Q&A session from 5 to 8 PM.

CBS Sports has a good article on Coach Fizdale’s plan for the next evolution in Grizzlies basketball.

Jessica is out of town but I will probably lead off at Silly Goose for happy hour anyway. That’s the news for now. Back later today or tomorrow.

Tue update #2

For those of you who were planning to attend the Ghost River beer dinner tonight at Rizzo’s, Chef Michael Patrick announced this morning that the dinner will have to be rescheduled due to an electrical fire at the restaurant. Don’t worry, Chef, staff, and restaurant are okay and the dinner will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

Happy 4th birthday to the Urban Bicycle Food Ministry. Have you wanted to help those in need but haven’t been sure how to get involved? If you have a bike, a backpack, and a giving spirit there’s a place for you with UBFM. The ministry rides the streets of Downtown and Midtown, stopping to ask “Are you hungry?” and for those who say “yes” they hand out nutritious burritos and other filling meals. In the spirit of Jesus they don’t judge the people they meet in any way; they simply offer to feed them.

I don’t know if I have any readers who live in The Edge District, but if I do, improvements are planned for your neighborhood. Monroe and Marshall Avenues will see the most improvements, with the installation of benches, trash receptacles, and landscaping. A patio area at the intersection of Monroe and Marshall will help offset the vast expanse of asphalt where these two streets intersect at an odd angle. The additions will make the neighborhood more inviting to tourists, and more walkable to both visitors and residents.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office has announced that they will write tickets to those they catch playing Pokemon Go while driving. Last week a young woman was almost hit in Shelby Farms. Both driver and pedestrian were playing the game. Pokemon Go…as your XP go up, your IQ goes down.

Multiple Spanish sources report that Marc Gasol is going to pull out of the Rio Olympics, although his brother Pau will still play for Team Spain. It’s unclear whether this is because Marc is rehabbing his foot still, or because he understands what a trainwreck the Rip Olympics are going to be.

New Food truck: Surf Dogs fusion beach food. Follow the truck at @surfdogsmemphis on Twitter.

That’s it for this post. Maybe another later today before I head to Blind Bear happy hour.

Tuesday morning update

Yesterday I decided to do something different for happy hour. I headed south to my “home away from home on the south side,” Max’s Sports Bar, where every Monday they have dollar PBR from 4:30 opening time to 7. My friend Bjarni (pronounced BEE-ar-nee) was bartending. “The other 165.5 hours of the week you’re Bjarni,” I told him. “But from 4:30 to 7 on Mondays, you’re PBjaRni.” PBjaRni seemed pleased with his new name.

If you don’t believe me when I say that the Memphis Farmers Market is one of the best farmers markets in the country, check out what Style Blueprint has to say. Beef jerky, goat cheese logs, cleaning products, breakfast and more. Of course, they have fresh produce too! I am a huge fan of the Market and go most every week. Check back here every Thursday or Friday (depending on when they send out the email) to learn what is going on at the Market that week. It’s every Saturday through mid-November at the pavilion at Front and GE Patterson, 7 AM to 1 PM.

This would be a huge change: The NCAA has discussed eliminating kickoffs in college football. I get the point, seeing as how kickoffs can be the most dangerous plays of the game. However, if you eliminate them, you take away onside kicks, the one chance a losing team has to recover the ball and keep the receiving team from running out the clock.

Bleu posted Chef Ana’s menu for Thursday’s wine dinner. It will feature wines of the Pacific Northwest. Call 901-334-5950 for reservations.

Lost Kings play the New Daisy Saturday, in the next edition of the DaisyLand series. $10-15 to get in, show starts at 10 PM.

99 Cent Soul Food Express has announced that they will have to shut down for a week due to a major gas leak in the kitchen. They hate to close for a little while but they want to get things right.

Check out the views from atop 100 N. Main. One901 is living life 430 feet in the air.

Want to skip the hype of the convention and find out what the REAL Donald Trump is like? Read this interview with the ghost-writer of Art of the Deal.

That’s the news for now. Time to figure out why my garage parking pass stopped working (yes I paid the bill on time) then off to work. Possibly a second post later today.

Wine tasting, must-read interview with Coach Fizdale and more Monday news

Quench is doing a wine tasting Friday evening 5-8 PM. It will be a tasting of a couple of California wines, one of which is a new bottling by a well-known country star. It will be an educational tasting and there is no charge.

The Flying Saucer will have Songwriters Night Thursday from 7:30 to 10:30. Hosted by Jeremiah Tucker and Leo Lazarus, this Thursday will feature performances by JB Whalen and JJ McLendon.

Miss Cordelia’s and Cordelia’s Table will host Food Truck Wednesday from 6:00 to 8:30 PM this Wednesday, July 20. There will be pint specials at Cordelia’s growler bar, and Sushi Jimmi will be there for your dining pleasure.

Grizzlies coach David Fizdale has confirmed that former Memphis Tiger D.J. Stephens will be invited to training camp this fall.

The Undefeated has an interview with Coach Fiz where he talks about what it was like growing up in L.A. in the era of Rodney King. This is pretty powerful stuff. I would definitely recommend you read.

There will be a Downtown safety meeting Thursday, July 21 at 6 PM at the Downtown Central BBQ. Special guests will include interim MPD Director Michael Rallings, Gary Cummings of the Shelby County Juvenile Court, and Harold Robbins of the Memphis Shelby Crime Commission.

The Salty Dogs running group will make a lap of the trolley tracks tonight. Free for the public to participate. Meet at Bardog Tavern at 7.

The new owners of a former bank building at 158 Madison want to make it a boutique hotel with 70 rooms. There would be a restaurant on the ground floor called Teller and a rooftop bar called Errors & Omissions. The building is between Second and Third on Madison, across the alley from the Brass Door.

The Republican convention kicks off in Cleveland today. Key speakers include the guy who played Chachi on Happy Days, Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty, and the laughingstock of my home state of Arkansas, Senator Tom Cotton. I wonder if there will be trapeze artists and elephants to go along with all these clowns.

If we must arm ourselves and shoot at each other, let’s do it for the right reasons: Florida man shoots at teens playing Pokemon Go.

Completely undecided what my happy hour will look like… Melissa Monday at Bardog is an option, as is Dollar PBR Happy Hour with Bjarni at Max’s Sports Bar, and then of course there’s always the Blind Bear. Max’s is the best value but the farthest walk. I’ll figure it out by 5. Back later today or tomorrow with more news.

The skybridge over Second Street is no more

2016-07-17 07.19.05

As part of the renovations to turn the former Peabody Place Mall into headquarters for ServiceMaster, the skybridge connecting the building to the garage above the Flying Saucer across the street was removed yesterday. Cranes and trucks were out there for hours and hours taking it down.

The garage above the Saucer now has a gaping hole on the second floor:

2016-07-17 07.20.08 HDR-2

Meanwhile, ServiceMaster HQ now has a set of doors that lead to nowhere:

2016-07-17 07.19.52

They should keep those. Doors that lead to nowhere are a fitting symbol of corporate America.

Early voting has started for the August election cycle. Visit to learn where you can vote. I’ll say the same thing I have been saying for 20 years: Get goin’ vote Cohen!

I farmers marketed yesterday morning (hey I am not the first person to ever use that as a verb) and visited the market’s newest food truck, Monkey Train Grazing Co. I tried their award-winning Mac & Molé, pulled pork molé with their homemade white mac & cheese. Enough time has passed since BBQ Fest that I am once again ready to order pulled pork.

2016-07-16 09.55.31

I would liken this dish to pepperoni pizza: A bit greasy, but it’s so good that you’re not going to let a little grease stop you from eating it. I don’t know if I have any readers who love mac & cheese, but if I do, you should try Monkey Train’s mac & cheese. Creamy and delicious.

Loflin Yard has added Memphis Sports Revolution trivia every Wednesday. There is definitely no shortage of trivia Downtown during the week.

Paulette’s has announced its Monday night dinner for this week. This is a 3-course dinner for $19.95 plus tax and tip. This week the entrees from which to choose are grilled amberjack or citrus brined pork tenderloin.

Does anyone have a biology textbook they’re not using anymore that they can drop off at the Blind Bear? Here’s why it’s needed: “If I was a mammal that lived in the ocean I would want to be a shark.” -Chicken Fried Steak Rodger

Zeke Johnson and a guest will play the Center for Southern Folklore this afternoon at 5. Zeke will teach you what the blues is all about, and as for the identity of the guest, the Center is keeping mum. $7 cover. If you’re from out of town or if you’re new to Memphis, the Center is one of the best places to discover the real music of the region. In particular, mark September 3 and 4 on your calendar; that is the weekend of the Center’s Memphis Music and Heritage Festival with dozens of bands on multiple stages.

Tennessee Ripple plays Loflin Yard at 4 today.

It’s almost time to go to my weekly Sunday school class at the Blind Bear. Sunday school teacher B-RAD has told us that the lesson this week will cover PBR and Fireball, and for some students, Jamison. I have lots to talk to B-RAD about this week: Whether Mary kept her pledge not to drink last night, interesting developments on Facebook in the past week, men who use “she’s got the cannons” as justification for pursuit of a woman, and an upcoming event that is such a bad idea that I refuse to blog about it. We will unfortunately be minus one of our regulars today, as Nappin’ Ass Nate left for Orlando this morning. Nevertheless, we will soldier on through a fun Sunday Fun Day. Back tomorrow with more news.

Special deal, this weekend only

Folks, I am offering a special one-weekend-only deal. Today and tomorrow only – that’s Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17 – I am offering free smacks upside the head to anyone who says “Gotta catch ’em all” in my presence. That’s right, absolutely free, no strings attached. This deal won’t be around forever, so act now!

Ugh… I just thought of something. My first stop today, as usual on a Saturday, will be the Memphis Farmers Market. I’ve settled into a routine of going straight for the food trucks after I get there, buying a snack, and then sitting at a table or park bench on the main concourse and watching the world go by. What am I going to be watching this week? 14-year-olds (and adults with the maturity of 14-year-olds) running around with their phones out trying to catch Pokemon. (Yes I know there’s supposed to be an accent mark over the e, but I just don’t care.) Some idiot will probably run into a watermelon stand and knock it over because he’s not paying attention.

I heard there were people running around the Holocaust Museum in DC with their phones out trying to catch Pokemon. One said, “I don’t mean any disrespect, but gotta catch ’em all,” having absolutely no clue how out-of-line that was. I wonder if people will be running around the second floor of the Lorraine Motel this weekend with their phones.

Let’s get on to the news. Traffic note: Union will be closed starting Monday between Second and Front, and the closure will last approximately four days. Emergency sewer repair work is the reason. Local traffic will be allowed through.

Motel Mirrors play Loflin Yard tonight at 7.

Dr. Fresch provides the entertainment tonight in this week’s installment of the “Daisyland” series. Showtime is 10 PM.

Mayor Strickland has posted the list of candidates for Police Director returned by a national search firm. Yes, Interim Director Rallings is on the list.

The Church Health Center is hiring a Registered Nurse.

Huge congratulations to my friend, career coach Angela Copeland, on recently being quoted in a Forbes article on ways to pull off a successful career. If you find your career plans stuck in the mud, her career coaching can help you get back on track.

The Land Control Use Board refused a request for the demolition of a 101-year-old building at 238 Poplar to make way for a parking lot. The Guzman Building sits across from 201. Among those who petitioned against the parking lot was Terence Patterson who runs DMC.

Over in my home town of Little Rock, world leaders were forced to take refuge in a school basement when a tornado moved through. Participating in the real-life tornado drill were former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The University of North Texas really didn’t think through the design of their coffee mug.

Good luck to my friends from Porkosaurus who are competing in Boogie Down BBQ in the Bronx this weekend.

That’s it for now. Time to do a couple loads of laundry then off to the Farmers Market. Earnestine & Hazel’s and Bardog are also on my list of morning stops. Afternoon to be determined.

Pokemon GO AWAY: Your Friday news update

Photo Jul 14, 6 46 49 PM

Legit sign. Not sure which bar this sign belongs to, but my respect for that bar just went up, wherever it is.

Is there an online dictionary where you can press a Play button to hear a word pronounced? Because if you go to the word “stupid” and press the button, I am pretty sure you will hear “Gotta catch ’em all.”

Mike Conley celebrated signing the richest contract in basketball history by donating $1 million to the Grizzlies Foundation. Class act, that guy. The Grizzlies ownership group will match the donation for a total of $2 million. The money will fund grants to non-profits that provide quality mentoring programs to inner-city youth.

High Cotton’s taproom will host its first-ever Comedy Night tomorrow, Saturday, July 16, from 7 to 9 PM. Doug Gillon will emcee an evening of free comedy by Richard Douglas Jones, Kate Lucas, and Benny Elbows.

Do you read a lot of magazines? There’s a deal going on right now where you can subscribe to a “read all the magazines you want for one monthly fee” service and get a free Kindle Fire to read them on. It sounds like this deal will end soon, so if you’re interested, better not delay checking it out.

Neat link I found this morning: The U.S. government has shared over 180,000 datasets to encourage “civic hacking.”

1959 movie North by Northwest plays the Halloran Centre tonight at 7 as part of the Orpheum’s summer classic movie series. Come early (doors open at 6) for a paper airplane game.

Idle & Wild play Loflin Yard tonight at 7.

Alabama Shakes play the Mud Island Amphitheater tonight at 8.

Mayor Strickland announced that the skybridge connecting Peabody Place to the parking garage across Second will be removed tomorrow, and therefore Second will be closed between 6 AM and 2 PM. 6 AM is the start time? I hope those of you who live in Van Vleet Flats aren’t planning on sleeping in.

Donald Trump has named his vice-presidential pick: Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Here are 8 things to know about Pence. Chris Christie is said to be so furious about the snub that he is refusing to pick up The Donald’s dry cleaning.

The final audition to be part of the 2016-17 Grizz GIrls will be at the Halloran Centre at 5 PM Sunday, July 17 and it will be free for the public to watch. 25 hopefuls will try to make the squad. The Claw Crew will be on hand and there will be a performance by the always-excellent Grizzlies Grannies and Grandpas.

That’s all for this post. Undecided where to happy hour as of yet, Friday being wild card day for me.