Ghost River gives back this week + more Sunday news

To celebrate the season, Ghost River will be celebrating four days of giving back this week. Good causes, free beer. That’s right. Donate, and Ghost River will give you a free 10 oz. beer. (Note: You have to be at least 21 to get the beer, and no you don’t get 17 beers if you donate 17 items – it only counts as one donation.)

On Wednesday, December 21, the cause is Memphis Pets Alive. Bring pet food or pet supplies to the taproom between 4 and 10:30 PM to claim your free beer.

On Thursday, December 22, donations will be collected for the Memphis Union Mission. Clothing and toiletries are the requested items. 4 to 10:30.

The Mid-South Food Bank is the cause for Friday, December 23. Bring canned food. The hours will be 2 to 10:30.

On Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 24, there’s a special deal involving the Wolf River Conservancy. Purchase a 4 oz. beer, normally $2, for only $1. The other dollar will go to the WRC. Open noon to 5.

If you can’t make it on those days, there are a couple of other ways to participate. There will be a Donations for Gatlinburg box at Ghost River. Drop off toys, gently-used clothes, or new socks and underwear. Marc will be driving the donations to Gatlinburg on Christmas Eve.

You can also give blood before Christmas Eve to get the free beer. Take a selfie of yourself giving blood, and show it at the taproom. (Note: Coming for beer immediately after donating blood is a bad idea.)

Today’s your last chance to see Annie at the Orpheum. There are shows at 1:00 and 6:30 today.

My feet were stylin’ and profilin’ yesterday.


Everyone at work got a pair of socks this week as part of our office holiday festivities. Based on the pair that was picked out for me, I tend to think that whoever chose them is aware of my after-hours activities. As for the shoes, if you look carefully you will notice the Mid-South Food Bank logo on the heel. Back in April I was walking back from the Memphis Farmers Market, when I noticed them on sale at Stock & Belle. They probably cost $5 to make and I knew that when I bought them, but didn’t mind paying $50 knowing hungry people would get fed. The shoes were made by SoGiv.

From AP News: UPS delivers assault rifle instead of toy for Christmas gift. DAMN RIGHT THEY DID! We’re living in Trump’s America now! The couple, who by the way live in New York state where there are all those LIBERALS, opened the box expecting to find a toy plane for their friend’s son. Instead they found a semi-automatic rifle, scope, stand, and ammo clip. Well, you know what? Maybe their friend’s son needs to stop being such a PUSSY and embrace his new semi-automatic rifle. If he does, maybe he’ll GROW UP and learn to be the MAN that true American heroes like Dick Cheney and Rex Tillerson want him to be.

Damn… I just love human interest stories like this one that show that there is still hope for our country. I bet Ted Nugent writes a song about the UPS delivery. Maybe he will perform it at Trump’s inauguration celebration. If “sweets for the sweet” is true, I bet there will be Cheetos on the buffet at the inauguration.

That’s the news this morning. As for me, here’s what I am about to do:


I’m about to roll out to D-RANKS with B-RAD at the Blind Bear. He was off last Sunday, so he has not met my little green-haired troll yet. I can tell him the story of how I rescued her from the Walgreens at 51 and Church Road down in Horn Lake. Some people rescue dogs. I rescue trolls. Hey, maybe I should found the troll equivalent of Streetdog Foundation so there will be a troll rescue nonprofit in Memphis. Doesn’t Start Co. have a branch of their accelerator program for nonprofits? Maybe I could get with them for help getting this thing off the ground. I wonder if the Memphis Farmers Market would let me set up a booth in the spring? You can never have too many trolls at the Farmers Market.

Everyone get out there and enjoy the last normal Sunday for three weeks. Back tomorrow with more news.