Wednesday update #2

There are many people out there, myself included, who prefer to skip Amateur Night AKA New Year’s Eve and then want to get out early in the day on New Year’s Day. However, there’s a problem… many bars and restaurants aren’t open daytime on New Year’s! After a big party, they need time to clean up, and all their staff needs time to rest after being there into the wee hours of the morning. Holly to the rescue. She is compiling a list of places that will be open on New Year’s, and I was quite pleased to see one venue on this list.

BLIND BEAR!!! I did not think they would get open at the normal time (11) on New Year’s, because I know they are having a blowout New Year’s Eve bash the night before. However, despite New Year’s Day being January 1, this year it’s also Sunday Fun Day. Thanks to the Bear for giving the pros a place to hang out once the amateurs are done. Not sure if it will be B-RAD bartending or someone else, but I will try to find out.

More Grizzlies on national TV is always a good thing. Ron Tillery of the CA has reported that ESPN has added the Grizzlies-Thunder game to its schedule for January 11.

The Grizzlies are having a sale on cold weather gear with items 20-70% off. There’s also free shipping on orders over $50 if you use code CHILLY.

Former Tiger/Grizzly DJ Stephens tweeted a poll this morning:

And then a few minutes later he tweeted this:

NO KIDDING! Apologize? Stop making assumptions? Those kind of things could lead to, you know, healthy interactions and relationships. Who the hell wants those? Drama is just so much more fun!

The MBJ has an article on the gifts every player in the Liberty Bowl receives. First and foremost is a Bass Pro shopping trip, although they get other swag as well including binoculars and a watch.

Here’s a list of player gifts for every college football bowl game. Well, every game except one. The Cotton Bowl would not respond. WTF? Are they giving players guns and drugs? The Cotton Bowl is only a few hundred miles from the Mexican border, so it’s a possibility. Hurry up and build that wall, Trump!

Reminds me, as I was roaming the wilds of Arkansas a few days ago in my new Jetta, I saw a billboard for a jewelry store that offered a free gun with the purchase of a ring. You know, I try to defend my home state, but this? No, I just can’t. A gun? Really?

We have already had team members pay their 2017 dues after I posted a Moody Ques team update last night. Thanks guys!

This is the second update today, so if you haven’t been here this morning, scroll down and keep reading. A few more hours’ work for me then HH at the SG.