Quick post

Hey everyone, really not much of a post today, sorry. I’ve had my mind on other things besides Downtown news as I prepare to be off a week for BBQ Fest.

I do have one piece of advice for other BBQ teams. People like me who take off the whole week tend to live like we’re on another planet, a planet of staple guns, Visqueen, forklifts, Natty Light, scaffolding, and charcoal. We tend to miss any news that happens.

Don’t do that next week. Next week could be the most significant week in national news in over 40 years. Put some good news sources on your Twitter feed and check it periodically.

I may be taking a week vacation from a company that sanctions a card game… but we could all be playing in notrump pretty soon.

I’m not taking a vacation from this blog though, so check back.